Wookiee Rage
and Dark Side Points

I wanted to present an official view on a Wookiee’s rage ability when used by a Force-wielding wookiee.

I went straight to the source, and asked JD Wiker. My question was, "How does a Wookiee's rage affect a Wookiee Jedi, especially with Dark Side Points?"

Here is JD’s response:

"An understandable question, and one that our editor, Brian Campbell, brought up quickly.

"The answer we arrived at was that using Wookiee rage is not in and of itself an evil act. The Wookiee is merely giving vent to his primal emotions.

"What the Wookiee does while he is raging is very important, though. If his rage is directed against an inanimate object, it's not really a manifestation of the dark side. But if his rage is used to defeat an enemy, then there's a very, very good chance that he's calling on the dark side.

"My rule of thumb: When in doubt, assign a DSP to every other use of Wookiee rage. That way, at least, the Wookiee learns to stop relying on rage, and turns more toward the Force."