Sancretti Arms & Munitions
422-P VibroLance

Rodian weapons manufacturer Sancretti Arms may have single-handedly cornered the market on arming large game bounty hunters with their 422-P model VibroLance. The 422-P consists of a 3-meter long alloy shaft with a half-meter twin-sided vibro edge at the contact end. While large sized in length, the handle is weighted for proper balance and can be used one-handed by a human-sized individual. The weapon allows a wielder the advantage of mounted movement while still taking advantage of the vibro-capabilities of the weapon.

Recently, there have been numerous severe injuries attributed to swoop-gang "jousting" with this weapon, and many systems are beginning to consider restricting the sale or ownership of these lances.

Cost: 600
Availability: Rare
Damage: 2d10
Critical: 20
Range Increment: -
Weight: 3 kg
Stun Damage/Fort DC: -
Type: Piercing
Size: Large
Group: Exotic