Melee Weapons

Need a weapon for close combat? See if any of these are what you seek.

Pulsair Gauntlet D6 d20 Saga Edition

Vibro Weapons

These vibro weapons were created and contributed by Tony Palladini
in d20 format and converted to D6 by SWTFT staff.

Disclaimer: In keeping with the philosophy on weapons for the Saga Edition
of the game, the following weapons are not being converted.

Click here to view his original PDF file.

Clan Groogrun VibroAxe D6 d20
Czerka Hermaas VibroDagger D6 d20
Locris Syndicates XK-0 Bracer-Mounted
D6 d20
Merr-Sonn Avelec "Butcher" VibroHatchet D6 d20
Merr-Sonn Treppus-2 Vibroblade D6 d20
Czerka Nosland Vibrochette D6 d20
Czerka Overaant VibroKnuckler D6 d20
Sancretti Arms & Munitions 422-P VibroLance D6 d20
SoroSuub BD-1 "Cutter" VibroAxe D6 d20
SoroSuub MD-4 Vibroscalpel D6 d20
SoroSuub XG-4 VibroHalberd D6 d20
Xana Exotic Arms Mastercraft VibroBlade D6 d20
Xana Exotic Arms VibroShiv D6 d20
Yalandross Jengardin Millennial Warrior
  Double-Bladed Vibroblade
D6 d20