Jan Tolbara's Star Wars Trivia Quiz

Listed below are some rather difficult questions I have found about the original Star Wars trilogy. See if you can answer all of them.

  1. What character, in an early draft version of Star Wars, was a "huge, green-skinned guy with no nose and large gills"?
  2. A member of which alien species found Luke's severed hand and lightsaber?
  3. When was Boba Fett first seen by the American public?
  4. What member of Chewbacca's family shares a nickname with a Simpsons cartoon character?
  5. Who sat next to Luke Skywalker in the briefing scene before the Battle of Yavin 4 in A New Hope?
  6. In the same scene as #5, what is the technical discrepancy in the computerized plans of the Death Star retrieved by R2-D2?
  7. Which Rebel leader designed the B-Wing starfighter?
  8. What is the name of the C-3P0 character in the Star Wars parody, Hardware Wars?
  9. What was the false movie title used by the producers of Return of the Jedi to help keep fans away from the filming site? (Hint: it is not Revenge of the Jedi.)
  10. What is the name of the Star Destroyer that captured Princess Leia in the opening of A New Hope?
  11. Who is shorter - Salacious Crumb or Yoda?
  12. Who is taller - R2-D2 or Wicket the Ewok?
  13. When is the only time that Han Solo uses a lightsaber?
  14. What does TIE stand for?
  15. Who had a hit with a disco version of the Star Wars theme in 1977?
  16. What kind of gas is mined by the miners of Cloud City on Bespin?
  17. Who is the only human to fight in and survive both Death Star battles?
  18. What do Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, Ponda Baba, C-3P0 and the wampa ice creature all have in common?
  19. What do Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader and Lobot all have in common?
  20. Star Wars: A New Hope was released in May 1977. How many types of Star Wars action figures were on toy store shelves in time for Christmas 1977?
  21. What Star Wars props were built from British Sterling L2A3 submachineguns?
  22. Whose body was crushed under the foot of an Imperial AT-AT?
  23. What ship's components include horizontal boosters and alluvial dampers?
  24. What household item was used to simulate snow for special effect shots on Hoth?
  25. What item was used as Darth Vader's lightsaber (include company and model names)?
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