Technological Affinity (Wis)

Force Skill; Trained Only; Requires the Force-Sensitive and Sense Feats

You can use the Force to determine the nature of a technological item or find information that may be stored on a computer.

Check: Technological Affinity allows the Force user to scan an item and determine its nature or function. It may also be used to locate specific information stored in files within a computer system or network.

The Force user must touch the object in question for the skill to be used. On a successful check, the GM reveals one piece of information, whether it is a function or a piece of data, to the player per round of concentration on the object. If the character is disturbed or loses his concentration during the reading, his connection with the device is broken, and he must start over and concentrate for the amount of time he previously scanned the device before learning any new information.

While a reading is taking place, the character loses all Dexterity bonuses to Defense and is considered surprised if attacked.

The DC depends on the complexity of the object being scanned.

Object DC VP Cost
Handheld Device
(i.e. holoprojector)
15 3
Weapon 15 3
Droid 20 4
Starship/Vehicle 20 4
Computer 25 5
Unknown Technology +10 +2

If the object to be scanned is an unwilling subject (such as an active droid), the check must exceed the target's Will saving throw or an opposing Computer Use check.

Retry: You can make only one successful check involving a specific target per hour. If the check fails, you can't use Technological Affinity on this object again until 24 hours have passed.

Special: You can take 10 or take 20 when making a Technological Affinity check.

A character with at least 5 ranks in Computer Use gets a +2 aptitude bonus on Technological Affinity checks when scanning a computer or device that stores information. A character with at least 5 ranks in Repair gets a +2 aptitude bonus on Technological Affinity checks when scanning any other type of device, provided it is not unknown technology.

Time: Technological Affinity requires a full-round action to initiate. A full reading may take several minutes.

Vitality Point Cost: 3 or more (see above)