Swarm Fighter

by Patrick Stutzman
Swarm Fighter

Designed and constructed by the virtually unknown Gilstar Shipyards Corporation, the Swarm Fighter is designed to literally be a cheap fighter and fits the bill quite nicely.

Even though the Swarm Fighter has proven itself to be slow and have fewer defenses than other starfighters of comparable size, it has seen good sales primarily due to the excellent advertising done by Gilstar. The company has been selling the ship by emphasizing the one point where the ship did well during its testing phase, which is the fact that it does well when large groups of the fighters attack at once. Coupled with a price equal to about one-third to one-fourth that of any other starfighter its size, the Swarm Fighter appeals to those buyers that want either cheap fighters or lots of fighters in their fleet.

Disclaimer: The Swarm Fighter, borrowed from the movie "The Last Starfighter", is 1984 Universal Pictures. Use of the name and elements associated with it are not intended as a challenge to that copyright.

Swarm FighterCL 6
Colossal* starfighter
Init -2; Senses Perception +7

Defenses Ref 14 (flat-footed 11), Fort 22; +11 armor
hp 60; DR 15; Threshold 72

Speed 12 squares (max. velocity 850 km/h), fly 2 squares (starship scale)
Ranged laser cannon +2 (see below)
Fighting Space 12x12 or 1 square (starship scale); Cover total
Base Atk +0; Grp +32

Abilities Str 34, Dex 17, Con -, Int 14
Skills Initiative -2, Mechanics +7, Perception +7, Pilot -2, Use Computer +7

Crew 2 (Normal); Passengers 0
Cargo 150 kg; Consumables 3 days; Carried Craft none
Availability Military; Cost 70,000 (40,000 used)
*This ship is treated as a Gargantuan starfighter for the purposes of being targeted
  by capital ship weapons, dogfighting, and using starship maneuvers.

Laser cannon (pilot)
Atk +2, Dmg 4d10x2