Starliner-89 Medium Transport

The Starliner-89 was originally designed by Kuat Systems Engineering shortly before the Battle of Yavin IV as an unarmed vessel to carry large amounts of cargo using as few people as possible. The ship had completed its prototype stage and was about to begin full production, when the company was reacquired by Kuat Drive Yards during Palpatine's reign as Emperor. When KSE was sold to another company later, the plans were rediscovered, revised with weapon systems added to allow the crew to provide their own defense and production began almost immediately.
  Since the rise of the New Republic, the Starliner-89 has seen good sales, particularly with those small merchant companies that cannot afford to hire large crews to transport their goods. Current estimates are that this ship will continue to be a popular choice throughout the galaxy.

Starliner-89 Medium TransportCL 12
Colossal (frigate) space transport
Init -5; Senses Perception +5

Defenses Ref 11 (flat-footed 11), Fort 31; +11 armor
hp 600; DR 15; SR 25; Threshold 131

Speed fly 12 squares (max. velocity 750 km/h), fly 1 square (starship scale)
Ranged 4 quad light laser cannons +0 (see below)
Ranged 4 ion cannons +0 (see below)
Fighting Space 1 square (starship scale); Cover total
Base Atk +0; Grp +46
Atk Options autofire (quad laser cannons

Abilities Str 52, Dex 10, Con -, Int 14
Skills Initiative -5, Mechanics +5, Perception +5, Pilot -5, Use Computer +5

Crew 8 (skill); Passengers 12
Cargo 1,500 tons; Consumables 3 months; Carried Craft none
Hyperdrive x3 (backup x15), navicomputer
Availability Restricted; Cost 525,000 (210,000 used)

Quad light laser cannon (gunner)
  Atk +0 (-5 autofire), Dmg 5d10x2

Ion cannon (gunner)
  Atk +0, Dmg 5d10x2 ion