S-4 Dark Angel

adapted from Colony Wars
by Patrick Stutzman
S-4 Dark Angel

The S-4 Dark Angel starfighter was nicknamed by a group of civilians that witnessed one of the first missions in which the fighter saw action near the planet Diomedes. The squadron of Dark Angels engaged and defeated the three fighter squadrons of pirates assaulting a civilian station.

Although the Dark Angel-class design is now outdated, it is the primary starfighter used by the League today and excels in its primary function as an interceptor craft. Being highly maneuverable and equipped with sufficient weapons for its size, the S-4 proves to be more than a match for most starfighters of similar size.

GDX Group S-4 Dark Angel

Class: Starfighter Crew: 1 (Skilled +4)
Size: Tiny (13.9 m long) Initiative: +6 (+2 size, +4 crew)
Hyperdrive: None Maneuver: +6 (+2 size, +4 crew)
Passengers: 0 Defense: 22 (+2 size, +10 armor)
Cargo Capacity: 100 kg Shield Points: 90 (DR 10)
Consumables: 2 days Hull Points: 90 (DR 10)
Cost: 105,000 (new) 50,000 (used)
Maximum Speed in Space: Ramming (10 squares/action)
Atmospheric Speed: 1,120 km/h (19 squares/action)

Weapon: Laser Cannons (2 fire-linked); Fire Arc: F;
  Attack Bonus: +8 (+2 size, +2 crew, +4 fire control); Damage: 5d10x2;
  Range Modifiers: PB +0, S -2, M/L n/a

Weapon: Proton Torpedo Launcher (1 launcher, 6 torpedoes); Fire Arc: F;
  Damage: 9d10x2; Missile Quality: Marginal (+5)