SD60 Destroyer

adapted from Colony Wars by Patrick Stutzman

Easily the most widely used design in GDX Group's capital ship line, the SD60 provides the most weaponry and defense capabilities for the cost.
  During the prototype phase for the original design, the SD60 experienced problems with each of the five prototypes built. Two prototypes had bad cabling that caused multiple system disruptions. One ship was ransacked by the crew during an unexpected outbreak of a hive virus. The fourth prototype was sabotaged by a group of disgruntled soldiers. The last prototype experienced a complete power loss while in orbit, and the ship crashed into a school and killed hundreds of children. Despite the setbacks and economic hardships caused by the continuous disasters, the plans were revised to fix the flaw. No reports of ship difficulties have been reported since.
  Tactical Fire: The SD60 Destroyer has built a reputation of saturating an area with turbolaser fire to the point where ships passing through must take extra effort to avoid being hit. As a standard action, a SD60 Destroyer can forgo all attacks to provide tactical fire to all squares in a 2-square radius around itself. All enemy starships within the area reduce their movement to half speed. If a ship enters the area and has movement points remaining, the remaining amount of movement is also halved.

GDX Group SD60 DestroyerCL 19
Colossal (cruiser) capital ship
Init -2; Senses Perception +9

Defenses Ref 14 (flat-footed 12), Fort 50; +12 armor
hp 1,200; DR 20; SR 130; Threshold 250

Speed fly 2 squares (starship scale)
Ranged 4 heavy turbolaser batteries +13 (see below) and
Ranged 2 medium turbolaser batteries +13 (see below) and
Ranged 2 tractor beam batteries +9 (see below)
Fighting Space 2x2 (starship scale); Cover total
Base Atk +2; Grp +72

Abilities Str 90, Dex 14, Con -, Int 16
Skills Initiative -2, Mechanics +9, Perception +9, Pilot -2, Use Computer +9

Crew 13,500 (skilled); Passengers 6,000 (troops)
Cargo 12,900 tons; Consumables 3 years; Carried Craft 12 S-4 Dark Angels, 12
  S-7 Chimeras, 12 S-9 Hydras
Hyperdrive x2 (backup x8)
Availability Military; Cost 82,000,000 (45,000,000 used)
*Apply a -20 penalty on attacks against targets smaller than Colossal size.

Heavy turbolaser battery (5 gunners)
Atk +13 (-7 against targets smaller than Colossal), Dmg 9d10x5

Medium turbolaser battery (5 gunners)
Atk +13 (-7 against targets smaller than Colossal), Dmg 7d10x5

Tractor beam battery (3 gunners)
Atk +9 (-11 against targets smaller than Colossal), Dmg - (grapple +72)