Capital Ships

Click on the appropriate dice icon to view the ship's stats
in the rules set of your choice.

Note: The d20 icon indicates the Revised d20 rules.

Dominator-class Battleship D6 d20 Saga Edition
Lucky Despot Casino D6 d20 Saga Edition
Starhawk-class Heavy Frigate New Saga Edition

The following ships have been adapted from the PlayStation game,
Colony Wars, copyright 1997 by Psygnosis, Ltd.

Note: I have contacted Sony Computer Entertainment Europe
to request permission to post graphic representations
of these ships on this site. I am still awaiting their answer.

SC40 Cruiser D6 d20 Saga Edition
SD60 Destroyer D6 d20 Saga Edition
SD80 Dreadnaught D6 d20 Saga Edition
SF30 Frigate D6 d20 Saga Edition

Looking for updates to the ships in the original d20 version
of Starships of the Galaxy? Click here.