Acheron-class Cruiser

by Patrick Stutzman

Shortly before the events leading to the Yuuzhan Vong invasion, FreiTek, Incorporated designed the Acheron-class Cruiser to be a long-range shuttle and passenger transport. The Acheron was originally conceived to be an unarmed vessel to allow its passengers to comfortably travel only in safe areas of space, but it was quickly discovered that pirates liked to target the ship when it traveled away from the Core Worlds. So, weapon systems were incorporated into the design. Since then, pirate attacks have severely decreased, but the threat of the Yuuzhan Vong further justifies the implementation of the weapons onto the Acheron.

FreiTek, Inc. Acheron-class Cruiser

Class: Transport Crew: 6 (Normal +2)
Size: Small (41.3 m long) Initiative: +3 (+1 size, +2 crew)
Hyperdrive: x2 (backup x8) Maneuver: +3 (+1 size, +2 crew)
Passengers: 20 Defense: 21 (+1 size, +10 armor)
Cargo Capacity: 10 metric tons Shield Points: 60 (DR 20)
Consumables: 2 months Hull Points: 150 (DR 20)
Cost: 200,000 (new); 125,000 (used)
Maximum Speed in Space: Attack (7 squares/action)
Atmospheric Speed: 850 km/h (14 squares/action)

Weapon: Quad laser cannons (2); Fire Arc: Turret;
  Attack Bonus: +5 (+1 size, +0 crew, +4 fire control); Damage: 6d10x2;
  Range Modifiers: PB +0, S +0, M/L n/a