Lofryyhn is an old friend of Kaiya Adrimetrum, since the two served in the same Rebel unit together. Though they don't speak of those times very much, it is rumored that the Wookiee saved Kaiya's life on more than one occasion. She also claims that he knows some form of Wookiee martial arts called Wruushi, but he avoids the subject.

For a short time, Lofryyhn was enslaved after the Rebel ship to which he was assigned was captured by pirates, and he was sold to Moff Sarne. The moff discovered his talents as a technician and put him to work repairing transports and smaller capital ships under close supervision.

Freed from Imperial slavery once Kal'Shebbol was liberated by the New Republic, Lofryyhn wants to help the New Republic however he can. Currently, he does so by serving on the Farstar as the ship's chief mechanic. He is quite familiar with the ship, since he worked on it while it was owned by Moff Sarne. He commands several technicians that help him maintain the Farstar. Of course, some knowledge on how to understand Shyriiwook is a requirement to work under him.

In addition to his duties on board ship, Lofryyhn is a bit of a tinkerer and builds gadgets from whatever parts he can find or from useless starship parts.

Name: Lofryyhn
Male Wookiee Soldier 3/Tech Specialist 4
Initiative: +2 (Dex)
Defense: 17 (+5 class, +2 Dex)
Speed: 10m
VP/WP: 76/20
Attack Bonuses: +11 melee, +8 ranged
Special Qualities: Instant mastery (disable device), research, tech specialty
Saving Throws - Fort: +11 Ref: +5 Will: +7
Size: M
Force Points: 5
Reputation: +2
Str: 20 Dex: 15 Con: 20 Int: 13 Wis: 14 Cha: 12

Equipment: Repair kit, roll of duratape, satchel, wires

Skills: Appraise +7, Computer Use +6, Disable Device +5, Intimidate +8, Pilot +5,
  Read/Write Basic, Read/Write Shyriiwook, Repair +15, Speak Basic (understand
  only), Speak Shyriiwook, Survival +5

Force Skills: None

Feats: Armor Proficiency (light), Dodge, Great Fortitude, Iron Will, Martial Arts, Skill
  Emphasis (repair), Starship Operation (capital ship), Weapon Group Proficiency
  (blaster pistols, blaster rifles, heavy weapons, simple weapons, vibro weapons)

Force Feats: None