Qektoth Confederation

Qektoth Confederation Starfighter

The Qektoth Confederation adopted the use of Zebra-class starfighters many years ago. Light, maneuverable and modified to utilize their latest in weapon technology, these fighters are almost on par with the Empire's TIE fighters and can be quite a menace in large numbers.

These fighters feature one of the confederation's newest weapons: torpedoes armed with a bio-plasmatic gel. The gel sticks to the hull of a starship and burns unceasingly until it freezes in space or burned off within a planet's atmosphere. While the gel clings to the ship's hull, it causes 5d10x2 points of damage in the first round, with the damage code being reduced by 1 die for each subsequent round thereafter. Clever pilots can remodulate the particle shields to push the gel off the ship (Computer Use check vs. DC 15 while the shields are down).

Qektoth Confederation Zebra-class Starfighter

Class: Starfighter Crew: 1 (Skilled +4)
Size: Tiny (12.3 m long) Initiative: +6 (+2 size, +4 crew)
Hyperdrive: None Maneuver: +6 (+2 size, +4 crew)
Passengers: 0 Defense: 22 (+2 size, +10 armor)
Cargo Capacity: 65 kg Shield Points: 30 (DR 10)
Consumables: 1 day Hull Points: 60 (DR 10)
Cost: Not available for sale
Maximum Speed in Space: Ramming (10 squares/action)
Atmospheric Speed: 1,050 km/h (18 squares/action)

Weapon: Laser cannons (2 fire-linked); Fire Arc: Front;
  Attack Bonus: +6 (+2 size, +2 crew, +2 fire control); Damage: 5d10x2;
  Range Modifiers: PB +0, S -2, M -4, L -6

Weapon: Bio-Plasmatic Gel Launcher (3 missiles);
  Fire Arc: Front; Damage: Special; Missile Quality: Ordinary (+10)