The Kathol Rift d20

Recognizing that the Darkstryder campaign setting has been a popular addition to
the Star Wars RPG, the staff of Star Wars: The Forgotten Tales proudly presents conversions of the Darkstryder materials from D6 to d20.

The conversions on this page are from the Darkstryder supplement, "The Kathol Rift".

A&EG Arms & Equipment Guide
RCRB Revised Core Rulebook

Creatures DarkStryder "Fire Creature"
Tunnel Worm
Droids 2-1B Medical Droid (RCRB, pg. 370)
AC1 Surveillance Droid
IT-O Interrogation Droid (RCRB, pg. 371)
Equipment The Codex
Portable Shield Generator
Trauma Kit
NPC's "Harm's Way"
    Q'Maere Patients [Commoner, various races]
      (RCRB, pg. 320-329)
"Rogue Elements"
    Imperial Stormtrooper, Mid-level (RCRB, pg. 354)
    Imperial Stormtrooper, Mid-level (RCRB, pg. 354)
Races Yvarema
Starships Battered Freighter (CEC YT-1300 Transport)
Farstar (damaged) (CEC Corvette)
Heart of Flesh
Qektoth Starfighter
Yvarema Scout Ship
Vehicles AT-PT Walker (A&EG, pg. 81)
AT-ST Walker (RCRB, pg. 197)