The Codex

The Codex is a small, lightweight metallic pyramid that can be easily lifted and held in one hand. It is rumored to be thousands of years old and believed to be extremely fragile. In fact, the device should be handled carefully or it will break and cease to function. In game terms, the Codex has a damage reduction value of 2 and can take no more than 5 points of damage before breaking.

The Codex is a DarkStryder artifact that actually increases the ability to use the Force for any Force-Sensitive individual holding it. (All Force skills checks receive a +4 bonus while the Codex is held.) In addition, the Codex allows the Force-Sensitive individual to automatically locate any "galactic-scale" disturbances (i.e.: a planet's destruction or other similar event). However, use of the device for more than 3 rounds per day are subject to penalties: any Dark Side Points gained while the Codex is used are doubled, and any other Force-Sensitive individual can locate the device fairly easily, often over distances of greater than 100 light years.

Cost: Not available for sale
Weight: 0.5 kg
Availability: Unique