The paravacc comes in the form of a long, narrow cylinder made of a polished silver metal. The medicine within is administered by placing one end of the container against the back of the recipient's neck and pressing the stud on the opposite end. Although the injection may cause a slight headache, no other side effects have been documented. Uukaablian MedCorp has placed one warning regarding the use of this product: "prolonged use of the vaccine (exceeding three days at a time) has been known to cause deleterious effects to the nervous system."

Use of the paravacc requires a Treat Injury roll (DC 10). If administered successfully, the medicine grants a +4 bonus to any Fortitude saves to resist any parasitic diseases for the next 20 hours. If any character uses the paravacc after three consecutive days, he will suffer from what feels like exhaustion (-6 to Strength and Dexterity) and will continue to do so, until he has stopped injecting the drug for as many consecutive days as he has used it prior to stopping.

Cost: 1,000 credits
Weight: -
Availability: Common