MSE-X-PR6's Cargo

This 16 cm long and 10 cm wide piece of deep red metal is carried in MSE-X-PR6's storage area at all times. The droid swiped it from a scientist during the station's evacuation, and the item's theft was never discovered. He knows that it is important but does not know that it is actually a piece of DarkStryder technology. He is willing to trade the item for passage off the planet, if he loses his thermal detonator.

A Search check (DC 20) reveals an activation panel on the device. Pressing the panel causes all plant and animal life within a 50-meter radius around the wielder to wither and die. Higher lifeforms must make a Fortitude save vs. DC 20 or take 1d6 points of damage. All of this life energy is absorbed by the wielder, thus doubling his Strength and Constitution for 10 minutes. The device can be used only once, after which it turns black and becomes inert. If no living creatures are within the 50-meter radius, there is no obvious effect, but the device still becomes useless.

Cost: Unknown
Weight: 0.5 kg
Availability: Rare, specialized