Mist's Bounty Hunter Armor
(Modified Krail Armory Model 1010
Photo-reactive Personal Armor)

The Krail 1010 is designed to be most useful for stealth missions with the potential for combat. It consists of solid plates over a thick suit of flexible, airtight mesh, with the important joints powered with small motors. The suit also includes a helmet.

The armor can operate for 24 hours on a set of four standard power packs, after which time it ceases all function; the wearer suffes penalties as if he lacked the Armor Proficiency (powered) feat. It takes 5 minutes to get into this suit of armor and 5 full rounds to remove it.

The Krail 1010 has the following features:

  Strength Augmentation: The small motors provide the wearer with a +4 equipment bonus to Strength. If the wearer does not have the appropriate Armor Proficiency feat, the wearer gains no bonus and also incurs a -2 penalty to Strength and Dexerity while wearing the suit.
  Sensor Pod: The sensors within the suit enhance the wearer's search capabilities, granting a +4 equipment bonus to any Search and Spot checks.
  Integral Flechette Launcher: The suit has a flechette launcher built into the suit. (Damage: 2d6, Critical: 20, Range Increment: 2 meters, Type: Piercing)
  Jet Pack: The jet pack integrated into the suit has 16 charges for movement, two of which can be expended per round.
  Life Support: The suit's life support system can block out harmful molecules or completely seal in case of insufficient or deadly air supply and draw from a three-hour supply of oxygen. In addition, Mist added a voice disguiser in the blast helmet to foil any voiceprint identification attempts.
  Photo-reactive Coating: The armor has been treated with a special coating of photosensitive, microscopic crystals that reflect the colors within the area of the wearer, making the armor difficult to locate in most situations by granting a +6 equipment bonus to Hide checks.
  Reflec Plating: In addition to the photo-reactive coating, the armor has been covered in a very fine mesh of a material called reflec, a sensor-absorbing material utilized by the Imperial Storm Commandos. This plating gives the wearer an additional +4 equipment bonus to Hide checks that stacks with the bonus from the photo-reactive coating.

Armor Type: Powered armor Proficiency Group: Powered
Cost: Not available for sale DR: 4
Max Defense Bonus: +1 Armor Check Penalty: -3
Speed: 8m/4m, fly 10m (good) Weight: 20 kg
Availability: Rare, military