Darkstryder (Kathol Outback) Adventure: "Galaxy's Edge"

Makezh has no memories of his life that date back more than one year ago. The oldest memory he can recall involves a confusing scene of bizarre aliens calling themselves the Aing-Tii Sanhedrim. He boarded a light transport ship and flew through a twisting course of billowing gases to open space.

Danoor was the first planet that Makezh encountered, and he landed there. Since he had no other way to earn credits, he offered his services for travel into the Rift. At first, nobody believed he could do it, but he proved that he could. To add to the mystery, Makezh accomplished the task without starcharts or astrogation coordinates.

Despite this, he had few clients outside of a group of scientists. With his money running out and nowhere to turn, he pilfered a basket of fruit from one of the local markets. Government forces caught and arrested him on the same day as the incident.

While in jail, several government scientists took an interest in Makezh, but he did not know the reason why. Soon afterward, his headaches began.

Makezh returned to his apartment and found that he could not eat or sleep due to the intense headaches. He quickly decided to seek help for it, but treatment would have to wait due to a lack of funds. He also noticed several government agents patrolling around his building more frequently than before. Coupled with a recent string of navigator murders, Makezh determined that he must soon flee.

Makezh has dark curly hair that is beginning to recede back across the middle of his scalp, but the sides are still thick and full. The dark circles under his eyes easily show his recent lack of sleep, and he has graying stubble that covers his chin. He has a dark tan complexion, short arms and legs and darting eyes.

Name: Makezh
Male Human Scout 4
Initiative: +2 (Dex)
Defense: 15 (+3 class, +2 Dex)
Speed: 10m
VP/WP: 35/16
Attack Bonuses: +5 melee, +4 ranged
Special Qualities: Heart +1, trailblazing, uncanny dodge (Dex bonus to defense)
Saving Throws - Fort: +5 Ref: +4 Will: +3
Size: M
Force Points: 2
Reputation: +1
Str: 16 Dex: 15 Con: 16 Int: 12 Wis: 12 Cha: 12

Equipment: Variety of personal belongings

Skills: Astrogate +13, Computer Use +5, Diplomacy +2, Knowledge (systems) +8,
  Pilot +9, Profession (transport pilot) +2, Read/Write Basic, Repair +4, Speak Basic

Force Skills: None

Feats: Force-Sensitive, Spacer, Starship Operation (capital ship, space transport),
  Weapon Group Proficiency (blaster pistols, blaster rifles, simple weapons)

Force Feats: None