Aing-Tii Sanhedrim Ship

Aing-Tii Sanhedrim Ship

The ships used by the Aing-Tii are large, cylindrical ships with an organic appearance, covered with millions of etched glyphs and symbols. The vessel's hull exhibits a split-shell design and has exhaust ports and thruster pods scattered all over the ship in no apparent symmetrical order.

Aing-Tii ships use a lot of organic technology and are similar to no other ships in the galaxy. Even though each individual ship is slightly different from all the others, they all share a similar appearance.

Aing-Tii Sanhedrim Pilgrimage Vessel

Class: Capital ship Crew: 75-150 (Normal +2)
Size: Huge (300 m long) Initiative: +0 (-2 size, +2 crew)
Hyperdrive: x2 (backup x5) Maneuver: +0 (-2 size, +2 crew)
Passengers: None Defense: 18 (-2 size, +10 armor)
Cargo Capacity: 900 metric tons Shield Points: 160 (DR 20)
Consumables: 1 month Hull Points: 500 (DR 20)
Cost: Not available for sale
Maximum Speed in Space: Cruising (3 squares/action)
Atmospheric Speed: Not applicable

Weapon: Aing-Tii Energy Web Generators (30);
  Fire Arc: 1 battery front, 2 batteries left, 2 batteries right, 1 battery rear;
  Attack Bonus: +6 (-2 size, +0 crew, +4 fire control, +4 battery fire);
  Damage: 7d10x5*; Range Modifiers: PB +0, S -2, M -4, L -6

Weapon: Null-Burst Projectors (6); Fire Arc: 1 front, 2 left, 2 right, 1 rear;
  Attack Bonus: +6 (-2 size, +0 crew, +8 fire control); Damage: Special**;
  Range Modifiers: PB +0, S -2, M -4, L -6

* - Damage is reduced by 1d10x5 for every range increment past Short

** - All beings aboard the target ship must make a Fortitude save (DC 20) or be
  stunned for 1d6 hours