Aing-Tii Monk

Aing-Tii Monk

The Aing-Tii are a mysterious race of beings that concentrate in the Kathol Outback near the edges of the Kathol Rift. Not much is known about them, other than the fact that they like to keep to themselves.

Their existence in the Outback dates back as far as anyone can remember, and they enter and leave the Rife occasionally. They try to discourage anyone following them for long periods of time and are known to turn on the pursuing vessel and bathe it in a strange beam that causes its crew to become hypnotized in some way and lose track of time. Once the crew regains their senses, the Aing-Tii ship is gone.

Despite these measures to insure their privace, images of the Aing-Tii do exist but are extremely hard to find. The images obtained thus far show that the Aing-Tii are two-meter tall bipedal edentate mammals that are covered in jointed bony plates. They have large claws and long, armored tails. Their heads are also covered by protective bony plates that resemble helmets and sweep back to protect the neck.

The Aing-Tii do not have a verbal language like most sentient species, but their manner of communication involves flickering, touching and tasting one another's long, thin tongues. What is presumed to be their written language, which appears on their bodies and ships, appears to be hieroglyphic in nature and cannot been deciphered to date. What little is known about them suggests that they are a race of warrior monks whose beliefs and motives for most everything they do is largely unknown and the subject of much speculation.

Some people say that the Aing-Tii are waiting for an answer from the "One Who Dwells Beyond the Veil", suggestion some sort of connection to the Kathol Rift. Very few people are inspired to ask them, since the monks loathe being bothered by lesser beings and support this belief in the most destructive way possible. The handful of people that claim to have encountered an Aing-Tii monk in person state that they react violently to strangers, often attacking with their tails and with strange wooden sticks wrapped in a silvery wire that deliver a powerful charge that knocks its victim unconscious.

Anyone encountering an Aing-Tii ship is highly encouraged to avoid it at all costs. Several stories exist of an Aing-Tii ship suddenly changing course to ram into another nearby ship. This maneuver is executed very infrequently, and their reasons for doing so are unknown.

Passing through the Kathol Rift is hazardous to say the least, but the Aing-Tii monks are able to do so unharmed. Somehow, Moff Sarne was able to learn their secret. Others are rumored to have connections with the Aing-Tii to obtain this information, but such individuals are extremely hard to find.

Name: Aing-Tii Monk
Aing-Tii Force Adept 6
Initiative: -1 (Dex)
Defense: 14 (+5 class, -1 Dex); DR: 2
Speed: 10m
VP/WP: 44/14
Attack Bonuses: +4 melee (1d3, punch) or +4 melee (2d8, tail slap) or +4 melee
  (0/DC 18 stun, vor'cha stun stick), +3 ranged
Special Qualities: Hyperspacial perception*; natural armor (DR 2)
Saving Throws - Fort: +3 Ref: +2 Will: +6
Size: M
Force Points: 4; Dark Side Points: 2
Reputation: +1
Str: 11 Dex: 8 Con: 11 Int: 12 Wis: 13 Cha: 14

Equipment: Vor'cha stun stick, variety of personal belongings

Skills: Astrogation +8, Bluff +3, Climb +6, Computer Use +5, Hide +3, Jump +6,
  Knowledge (systems) +8, Move Silently +5, Pilot +3, Read Aing-Tii, Repair +4,
  Speak Aing-Tii

Force Skills: None

Feats: Dodge, Force-Sensitive, Skill Emphasis (astrogation), Starship Operation
  (capital ship), Stealthy, Weapon Group Proficiency (blaster pistols, primitive
  weapons, simple weapons)

Force Feats: Alter, Control, Sense

* - Hyperspacial Perception - Aing-Tii monks receive a +4 bonus to any Astrogation
  checks in the Marcol Void and the Kathol Outback, and an additional +4 bonus to
  Astrogation checks in the Kathol Rift.