Kaiya Adrimetrum


As first officer aboard the Farstar, Kaiya Adrimetrum is a strong-willed woman changed by events that she could not control.

Because the Empire killed her husband during the occupation of her homeworld of Siluria III, she organized her friends and relatives into a small group of rebels that fought against Imperial rule on her homeworld until recruited by the Rebel Alliance. Since then, Kaiya has served with several commando teams in the Rebellion, including Page's Commandos.

Kaiya is seen as a natural-born leader that inspires loyalty in those who follow her. She is firm but is not aggressive unless the situation warrants it. In addition, she is very protective of her crew in an almost motherly way. Despite her exceptional leadership qualities, Kaiya feels that she is just an average person and knows that she cannot let the crew see this side of her.

Name: Kaiya Adrimetrum
Female Human Noble 2/Soldier 4
Initiative: +3 (Dex)
Defense: 18 (+3 Dex, +5 class)
Speed: 10m
VP/WP: 32/13
Attack Bonuses: +5 melee (1d3+1, punch), +7 ranged (3d8, heavy blaster pistol)
Special Qualities: Bonus class skill (disable device), favor +2, inspire confidence
Saving Throws - Fort: +5 Ref: +6 Will: +5
Size: M
Force Points: 5
Reputation: +2
Str: 12 Dex: 16 Con: 13 Int: 14 Wis: 13 Cha: 15

Equipment: Datapad, headset comlink, heavy blaster pistol

Skills: Bluff +6, Computer Use +11, Demolitions +6, Diplomacy +11, Disable
  Device +11, Gather Information +4, Knowledge (streetwise) +4, Pilot +4,
  Read/Write Basic, Speak Basic, Speak Shyriiwook (understand only), Survival +6,
  Treat Injury +5

Force Skills: None

Feats: Dodge, Endurance, Heroic Surge, Influence, Iron Will, Point Blank Shot,
  Starship Operation (capital ship), Weapon Group Proficiency (blaster pistols, blaster
  rifles, simple weapons)

Force Feats: None