Ion Mine

Designed to blockade worlds, ion mines are utilized by various governments and organizations to help keep any ships from getting past their line. They use sensor masks and passive sensors to remain virtually invisible to any and all ships that pass nearby. Once it detects a ship within 10 kilometers, the mine begins firing its powerful ion cannon at the ship to neutralize it.

Since ion mines run almost exclusively in passive mode, they are extremely difficult to detect, especially with passive sensor masks in place that add +8 to any Computer Use check on sensors to locate them. They will bring up their active sensor masks if they detect another mine nearby, to prevent the mines from firing at each other. Ships attempting to detect an ion mine must add an additional +4 to any Computer Use skill checks when using sensors, while the ion mine's active sensor mask is engaged.

A mine that detects a ship within its range will fire upon it once per round. Normally, it will ignore any object that is less than four meters in diameter.

Mark III Merr-Sonn Defender Ion Mine

Class: Starfighter ? Crew: 1 automated (Skilled +4)
Size: Fine (4.0 m long) Initiative: +12 (+8 size, +4 crew)
Hyperdrive: None Maneuver: +12 (+8 size, +4 crew)
Passengers: None Defense: 28 (+8 size, +10 armor)
Cargo Capacity: None Shield Points: None
Consumables: None Hull Points: 60 (DR 10)
Cost: 10,000 (new); 3,000 (used)
Maximum Speed in Space: Stationary (0 squares/action)

Weapon: Ion cannon; Fire Arc: Front;
  Attack Bonus: +22 (+8 size, +2 crew, +12 fire control); Damage: 10d10x2;
  Range Modifiers: PB +0, S -2, M -4, L -6