Darkstryder d20

Recognizing that the Darkstryder campaign setting has been a popular addition to
the Star Wars RPG, the staff of Star Wars: The Forgotten Tales proudly presents conversions of the Darkstryder materials from D6 to d20.

The conversions of the material found in the boxed set have been completed.

We will begin posting converted material from the setting's three supplements as
it is completed. Thank you for your continued patience.

The Kathol Outback The Kathol Rift Endgame

Command Crew Support Crew
Droids Equipment
NPCs Races
Rogue's Gallery Space Stations
Starships Vehicles
A&EG Arms & Equipment Guide
CRB Original Core Rulebook
RCRB Revised Core Rulebook
SotG Starships of the Galaxy

Crew, Command Capt. Keleman Ciro
Kaiya Adrimetrum
Dr. Akanseh
Lt. Jessa Dajus
Lt. Ranna "Wing-Ripper" Gorjaye
Gorak Khzam
Loh'khar the Finder
Lt. Darryn Thyte
Sgt. Brophar Tofarain
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Crew, Support Boom
Tanner Carzyn
Noell Ciro
Dasha Defano
Dann Drugah
Edly "Pot-Shot" Fasalk
"Gammer" Firdaaz
Thanis Gul-Rah
Unda Lagor
Rizzal, Vizzal & Nizzal
Genna Seedar
T'achak T'andar
Vegath Tist
Brandis Turgah
Cobb Unser
Qesya Vth'naar
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Droids DD-19 Overseer Droid
Drendan Load-lifter
EG-6 Power Droid (RCRB pg. 375)
J9 Worker Droid (RCRB pg. 375)
K-4 Security Droid
R2 Astromech Droid (RCRB pg. 371)
R3 Astromech Droid or (A&EG pg. 47)
R-97 Quartermaster Droid
SE4 Servant Droid (A&EG pg. 54)
Viper Probe Droid (RCRB pg. 374)
WED15 Treadwell Droid (CRB pg. 290)
2-1B Medical Droid (RCRB pg. 370)
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Equipment Shipjacking Kit
NPC's "Artifact of Aaris"
"Death is Remotely Possible"
"Shintel Downtime"
    Thug, Mid-level (RCRB, pg. 355)
"Traitor In Our Midst"
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Races Aaris Descendants
Rogue's Gallery Des'maric Pirates
Kyli Nedix
Qulok's Fist
Rojer 621
Stormtrooper, Mid-level (RCRB pg. 354)
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Space Stations Tanquilla Beach
Starships Aegis Combat Shuttle
Asagov Raider (CEC Action IV Bulk Freighter)
Carrack Light Cruiser (SotG pg. 89)
Defender Starfighter
Des'maric Pirate Blastboats
Escort Carrier (SotG pg. 96)
Farstar (CEC Corvette)
Fxz'Et (Ghtroc 720 Light Freighter)
IPV System Patrol Craft (SotG pg. 102)
Kathol Protector (KDY Imperial Escort Carrier)
Lancer Frigate (SotG pg. 100)
Mark III Merr-Sonn Defender Ion Mine
Muvon (Loronar B-7 Light Freighter)
Q-Signal Messenger Drone
Steel Fist (CEC YT-1300 Transport)
Strike Cruiser
TIE Bombers (SotG pg. 75)
TIE/In Fighters (RCRB pg. 228)
X-Wing Starfighter (RCRB pg. 227)
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Vehicles Mobquet "Overracer" Speeder Bike (modified)
New Republic SRV-1
New Republic ULAV
Pandelflot Luxury Limo
Trast A-A6z Speeder Truck