Doctor Cantryl

Darkstryder Adventure: "Death is Remotely Possible"

Doctor Cantryl is the primary crimeboss on Gandle Ott. He is a slender man in his forties that prefers to wear white suits. Cantryl is often seen smiling, but his smile never seems to reach his dark, glittering eyes.

Since Moff Sarne did not approve of the type of activities performed by him or anyone else in his profession, Cantryl tends to keep a low profile. He can usually be located through the normal channels, hanging out at bars and sports arenas, buying drinks in exchange for information and working up the chain.

Name: Doctor Cantryl
Male Human Scoundrel 5
Initiative: +2 (Dex)
Defense: 16 (+4 class, +2 Dex)
Speed: 10m
VP/WP: 25/13
Attack Bonuses: +4 melee, +5 ranged
Special Qualities: Illicit barter, lucky (1/day), precise attack +1
Saving Throws - Fort: +2 Ref: +6 Will: +4
Size: M
Force Points: 5
Reputation: +4
Str: 13 Dex: 14 Con: 13 Int: 14 Wis: 13 Cha: 16

Equipment: Holdout blaster, comlink

Skills: Bluff +11, Diplomacy +5, Disable Device +6, Gather Information +8,
  Intimidate +8, Knowledge (bureaucracy) +3, Knowledge (streetwise) +9, Read/Write
  Basic, Sense Motive +7, Speak Basic, Speak Huttese

Force Skills: None

Feats: Dodge, Headstrong, Infamy, Iron Will, Skill Emphasis (knowledge [streetwise]),
  Weapon Group Proficiency (blaster pistols, simple weapons)

Force Feats: None