DD-19 Overseer Droid

Overseer Droid

The Ubrikkian DD-19 Overseer series droid was designed with the sole purpose of supervising droids and preventing them from becoming unruly. Its base programming allows it to take decisive action against other droids to keep them on task as well as apply and remove restraining bolts when necessary.

The one DD-19 unit on the Farstar has been nicknamed the "slavemaster" due to its harsh treatment of the other droids. DD-19 is not only able to remove restraining bolts he has placed on other droids, but he is able to remove those placed by others as well.

Name: Ubrikkian DD-19 Series Overseer Droid
Tracked overseer droid Expert 1/Thug 1
Initiative: 0
Defense: 11 (+1 class)
Speed: 8m
VP/WP: -/13
Attack Bonuses: +1 melee, +1 ranged
Saving Throws - Fort: +2 Ref: +0 Will: +3
Size: M
Reputation: +0
Str: 10 Dex: 11 Con: 10 Int: 12 Wis: 13 Cha: 12

Equipment: Comlink, restraining bolt applicator/remover (grants +2 bonus to Repair
  checks to install or remove a droid restraining bolt), telescoping appendage (2 arms)

Skills: Bluff +3, Computer Use +9, Disable Device +3, Repair +9, Search +3, Spot +3

Unspent Skill Points: 2

Feats: Skill Emphasis (computer use, repair), Toughness

Cost: 4,500