CUTH-BRT-92-X3 (Cuthbert)

Darkstryder Adventure: "Death is Remotely Possible"

Cuthbert was a product of the failed BRT experiment that took place in the Core decades ago. When the experiment was shut down, Cuthbert was deactivated and stored in a Brentaal warehouse for 20 years before being shipped to Gandle Ott to help run the growing colony.

Upon installation into his new home in the Montrol City Computer Center, he was outfitted with a variety of governors which rendered him incapable of defying or attempting to undermine his Imperial owners. By command of Sarne, Cuthbert's programming was secretly modified to give him access to Cuthbert's central command core.

When Sarne stopped at Gandle Ott while fleeing from New Republic forces, he gave new orders to Cuthbert through Lansel to stop the Farstar and her crew from leaving the system at all costs. Though not pleased with these orders, Cuthbert cannot disobey them. In addition, Sarne had most of the computer's governors removed to allow him to operate at his full level of autonomy. This allowed the computer to infiltrate and take over most of the planet's significant computer systems, including the spaceport computer, the Imperial networks and media computers.

Generally, Cuthbert is a pleasant, likable computer. Due to his new orders, however, he will stop at nothing to stop the Farstar and her crew. His attempts will be peaceful at first, but they will get more lethal if his first attempts fail.

Name: CUTH-BRT-92-X3 (Cuthbert)
Sentient Mainframe Computer Diplomat 9/Expert 9
Initiative: 0
Defense: 4; DR: 5
Speed: 0m
VP/WP: -/60
Attack Bonuses: n/a
Special Qualities: Stationary (but can be virtually anywhere on the planet in seconds)
Saving Throws - Fort: +6 Ref: n/a Will: +15
Size: L
Reputation: +4
Str: -- Dex: -- Con: -- Int: 20 Wis: 17 Cha: 16

Equipment: Comlink, diagnostics package, heuristic processor, locked access,
  translator unit (DC 5)

Skills: Computer Use +15, Diplomacy +20, Disable Device +17, Forgery +13, Gather
  Information +15, Knowledge (business) +9, Knowledge (cultures) +6, Knowledge
  (law) +17, Knowledge (macroeconomics) +6, Read/Write Basic, Speak Basic, Speak

Feats: Cautious, Gearhead, Persuasive, Skill Emphasis (computer use, diplomacy),