Tuarte System

created by Ben Wafer

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Type: Temperate terrestrial
Temperature: Temperate
Atmosphere: Type II (breath mask suggested)
Hydrosphere: Standard
Gravity: Standard
Terrain: Hills, mountains, debris
Length of day: 31 standard hours
Length of year: 185 local days
Sapient species: Humans, Squib
Starport: Limited services
Population: 6,000
Planet function: Salvage
Government: None
Tech level: Space
Major exports: Salvage
Major imports: Foodstuffs
System: Tuarte
Star: Tuarte (yellow)
Orbital Bodies:
Name Type Moons
Tuarte Temperate terrestrial 2
Secondusa Barren terrestrial 1
Dun Belt Dense asteroid belt n/a

World Summary

Tuarte is a planet with a tragic history. Tuarte was one of the first planets to be colonized in the sector, soon after Ord Perpan and Conheav Prime had been colonized. Unfortunately, Tuarte was woefully undersupplied due to a bookkeeping error. The colonists were forced to become self-sufficient much sooner than planned, and though they were able to do so, it was not done without a cost. For over a hundred years, the citizens of Tuarte languished in extreme poverty as they had to struggle just to survive. Relief efforts from the Old Republic were forthcoming as soon as the mistake was realized. But by that time, the damage had been done. Many felt that the so-called relief efforts actually did more harm than help, since the colony was expected to pay back the Republic for these efforts over the course of 120 years. These payments crippled Tuarte's economy and further caused the citizens to become self-sufficient and isolationist. Eventually, Tuarte broke away from the Republic, shortly before the Conheav sector was officially recognized as a region. For hundreds of years, Tuarte remained almost entirely isolated from the Republic while slowly building herself up.

Eventually, a charismatic leader whose name has been lost to history convinced the citizens of Tuarte that the Republic owed them. Tuarte went through a twenty-year military build up and then attacked the neighboring worlds in a war of conquest. The Republic had little difficulty repulsing the forces of Tuarte but could not get them to surrender. After eight years of virtually constant fighting, the Republic reluctantly decided that a complete planetary assault on Tuarte was necessary, a decision they had been avoiding for almost 7 years. The Tuartians resisted bitterly, though the years of fighting had already taken a great toll on their world. By this time, Tuarte herself was already littered with the wrecks of countless crashed ships, both Republic Naval vessels, and Tuartian ships which had been shot down in the constant battle which had raged in the skies over the planet for close to seven years. When the final assault came, the remaining ground batteries on Tuarte opened fire with everything that they had, and anything that could fly was sent up against the assault craft, whether it had weapons or not. Countless civillian airspeeders rammed Republic dropships, shuttles, and fighters. At last, the Tuartians could see that the battle was lost, since all of their ships and vehicles were destroyed, their planet a wasteland of wreckage and virtually all of the planetary laser batteries that had protected the planet pounded into rubble. Despite this, the stubborn Tuartian military commanders refused to surrender. A final wave of Republic assault craft approached the planet, and the Tuartian generals used their ultimate doomsday weapon. This secret weapon had been designed as a last resort to be used against invaders and had not been used up until now, because it was certain to destroy all life on the planet. Hundreds of thousands of small nuclear missiles were fired from hidden batteries. These missiles sent virtually every ship in the Republic fleet that was encircling the planet spinning out of control to crash into the planet's surface. Hard radiation rained down upon Tuarte along with the debris, extinguishing virtually all life on the planet. The Tuarte War, as the whole incident was named, cost thousands of Republic politicians and military leaders their careers, and the planet was declared off-limits until the radiation died down.

Less than a hundred years ago, a scientific probe reported that radiation levels on Tuarte had dropped to safe levels. Before long, three competing salvage companies, Vateer Reclamation, ReNEWal Salvage and Tober Mining & Reclamation, had obtained licenses to operate on Tuarte. Today, salvage is the only industry on the planet, and nobody lives on the world year-round except for a few Squibs. Instead, salvage workers recruited from nearby systems take two-month contracts to sift through the wreckage covering large portions of the planet for anything which can be reclaimed.

Tuarte is a rich salvage site, indeed. But, the operations there aren't as large or as profitable as one might expect, because virtually all of the salvage on Tuarte is military in origin. This necessitates the employment of many experts who can deal with dangerous military-grade substances. In addition, a number of Imperial personnel are assigned to each salvage company. These personnel ensure that any weapons, functional or not, are either melted down or dismantled and the parts sold to an approved purchaser. This usually means that any salvagable weapon parts are sold to Lobic Arms, although on occasion these Imperials have been known to take bribes to look the other way as the weapons are diverted to other interested buyers. The three salvage companies are the only ones aside from Imperial forces who are allowed within the system, and the salvagers patrol the area around Tuarte vigourously with bulk cruisers and smaller craft to ensure that no interlopers decide to steal any valuable salvage.

System Summary

The Tuarte system is remarkable only because of the planet Tuarte itself. Secondusa is a played-out, airless mining world, and most of the resources in the dangerous Dun asteroid belt have likewise been used up. It is rumoured that the dense Dun Belt may contain a hidden New Republic base, although the base may also be home to pirates, slavers, or even a top secret Imperial research facility, depending on who you listen to.