S'Ytnom System

created by Ben Wafer

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Type: Warm terrestrial
Temperature: Warm
Atmosphere: Type II (breath mask suggested)
Hydrosphere: Moist
Gravity: Standard
Terrain: Swamps, jungles
Length of day: 29 standard hours
Length of year: 342 local days
Sapient species: Humans, some aliens
Starport: Standard class
Population: 6 million
Planet function: Resources
Government: Corporate
Tech level: Space
Major exports: Plastics, some pharmaceuticals
Major imports: High tech, mid tech, foodstuffs

World Summary

Cassi is uncomfortably warm, incredibly humid and has a much thicker atmosphere than most lifeforms are used to (i.e.: all actions are at -1 without a breathmask, although people who have lived on the planet for at least 1 month find that the atmosphere no longer bothers them). Added to this is the fact that many dangerous animals, as well as countless annoying insects, are in the swamps and jungles. In short, it is not a pleasant place to live. In fact, the only reason it was settled was because the initial survey team centuries ago found that immense petroleum deposits were hidden underneath the swamps and, in some places, the jungles.

Soon after its discovery and the settlement of Ord Perpan, a young company named Reetav Resources purchased Cassi. At first, only small-scale operations were set up on the planet. But within a decade, Reetav had received enough investments to set up massive oil wells, refineries, and plastic factories. Profits boomed, and production has fairly steadily increased over the years since then. At this point, nearly 60% of the Cassi's easily accessible oil fields have been drained, but it is expected that it will be another 800 years before the planet is completely drained, even assuming constant increases in production.

Reetav operates using massive platforms which use repulsorlifts to reach a field and then lower into place on their pylons. Drilling then commences using plasma drills. Soon after placement, petroleum is pumping into the storage tanks of the platform. These huge platforms (each one is roughly 300 square meters) make stable areas for Reetav's freight airspeeders to land. These airspeeders carry the unrefined oil to the stationary refineries located on solid land in the jungles (both because of the stable foundation and because fewer dangerous creatures are in the jungles than in the swamps). After the petroleum is refined, it is then pumped through pipelines to the nearby factories, where it is used to make all sorts of different types of plastics. The factory complexes are the only places on the planet where facilities are present for spacecraft to land, and these facilities see a constant stream of Reetav bulk freighters taking the plastics to the transfer point on Ord Perpan.

In the past hundred years, Reetav has decided to try to diversify slightly on Cassi and has created a pharmaceutical research and production facility that uses the local flora and fauna to create medicinal products. So far, this facility has struggled to break even, let alone make a profit. But, Reetav is convinced that this is the industry of the future for Cassi once all of the petroleum is used up. So, the facility continues to experiment.

Everyone on Cassi is an employee of Reetav, and very few of these are permanent residents. Typically, employees are recruited from Ord Perpan, although many also come from other worlds in the sector. Most employees have contracts whereby they spend 200 days on Cassi, return to their homes for 100 days, and then serve for another 200 days, and so on. Many people only work for one or two 200-day shifts, and then try to find another job. But, just as many continue on until retirement, their spirits buoyed by the relatively high pay, and the fact that they have virtually nothing to purchase while on Cassi. Usually, a Reetav employee coming off of a shift on Cassi will spend money like nobody's business for about a month before settling into a more normal spending pattern and then go back to Cassi just when the money starts to run out.

Ord Perpan

Type: Temperate terrestrial
Temperature: Temperate
Atmosphere: Type I
Hydrosphere: Moderate
Gravity: Standard
Terrain: Varied
Length of day: 20 standard hours
Length of year: 312 local days
Sapient species: Humans, some aliens
Starport: Imperial class
Population: 14 billion
Planet function: Trade, military training
Government: Imperial governor
Tech level: Space
Major exports: Manufactured goods, foodstuffs, trade goods
Major imports: Raw materials

World Summary

Ord Perpan is the only heavily populated world in the S'Ytnom system. Ord Perpan served as the regional depot in the early days of Conheav Sector (hence the Ord designation) and was a very active trade world for centuries, although it has slowly declined in the past 200 years or so. Today, trade is still an important part of Ord Perpan's economy, but it is nowhere near as dominating as it once was. Agriculture and minor industry have always been encouraged on the planet, and they have both become important employers in recent years.

One important function which Ord Perpan has always fulfilled is that of a military training base. In the days of the Old Republic, this base was set up to serve as the major regional army training base for the surrounding 3 sectors, not so much because of favorable terrain for training but because of the fact that Ord Perpan was a regional supply depot. Eventually, a naval training facility was constructed in orbit. These facilities were expanded under the Empire and significantly modernized. Although not blessed with the ideal variety of terrain that such training worlds as Carrida have, the training facilities at Ord Perpan are exceptionally good, largely due to the extensive indoor simulators. These simulators include vehicle simulators as well as huge simulated battlefields for infantry. The facilities on the ground are the size of a large city and are separated into an army facility and a smaller stormtrooper training facility. The naval facilities in particular have been improved under the Empire.

The facilities consist of a cluster of 4 Rendili StarDrive space platforms* along with a host of smaller special purpose stations and countless navigation buoys. The facilities are protected at all times by 2 aging Dreadnaughts and supported by 3 Nebulon-B frigates. This is a fairly large force, but Moff Lesbeat considers his training facilities to be of vital importance and thus deems the defense force appropriate. In addition to the defense force, the naval training base is equipped with a number of older vessels, including one huge Invincible-class ship**, and a large number of TIE fighters that serve as training ships.

Because of the naval training facility, constant war games take place in the system. In order to keep unauthorized vessels out of these games, specific routes which ships must take to get into the system are marked off with navigation buoys. When a ship first jumps into the system, it is advised by an automated system of which route to take. If any deviation from these routes occurs, the offending ship will be met by TIEs and advised to return to the proper lanes. If the ship refuses to comply, it will be fired upon. Captured offenders will be dealt with in varying degrees of severity, depending upon the circumstances. For example, if there was a "hot" combat simulation going on at the time, then the penalty will be harsh. But if there were no training flights happening at the time, then the sentence will be less severe.

One side effect of these training facilities is that a sizable entertainment industry can be found on Ord Perpan to cater to the military. This means that, above all else, a lot of bars are in the cities of Jarlfort and Rontburg, the two cities closest to the massive army training facility. As far as the rest of the planet is concerned, however, the training facilities might as well not exist. The result of this is that it is possible to get two very different impressions from Ord Perpan, depending on what cities you visit. If a visitor goes to Jarlfort or Rontburg, he might get the idea that the entire world revolves around the military and nothing else. But, it is quite possible for a traveller who goes anywhere else on the planet to forget completely that the military exists.

* - see Planets of the Galaxy, Vol.3 or the Planets of the Galaxy Collection for D6 stats

** - see the Corporate Sector Sourcebook for D6 stats

System: S'Ytnom
Star: Amem (yellow)
Orbital Bodies:
Name Type Moons
Cassi Warm terrestrial v0
Ord Perpan Temperate terrestrial 1
Crotek belt Asteroid belt n/a
Heese Large gas giant 14
Ilk Small gas giant 5

System Summary

The S'Ytnom system sees much use as a naval training ground. The Crotek belt, which seems to be made up almost entirely of trapped comets, is used extensively for training exercises and is always off-limits to all non-naval vessels. The same stricture applies to the gas giant Heese and her moons, where cadets are taught the intricacies of maneuvering around, and occasionally even within, a gas giant. Ilk is often used for the same purposes but is not quarantined as Heese is, except when the training exercises are actually taking place. This is really a moot point, since there is really no reason to visit the gas giant or any of her moons.

The two inner planets of the S'Ytnom system are inhabited. Cassi is a world rich in petroleum and has a large plastics industry. Ord Perpan is much more heavily populated and serves as the base of all army and naval military training in the system. Because of this, certain areas of space around the planet are off limits, but they are clearly marked by navigational beacons, and clear paths to and from the planet exist to facilitate the fairly extensive trade industry.