Lobic Arms

created by Ben Wafer

Lobic Arms is an arms company based in the Conheav sector. Unlike many arms companies such as Merr-Sonn Munitions or BlasTech, Lobic Arms, being a major corporation locally but not able to truly compete galactically, has only minor production facilities. These facilities are big enough to make Lobic the major supplier of weaponry to the Conheav sector but allow for only extremely limited exports to other sectors. Instead, Lobic Arms concentrates mainly on research and development of new weapon designs and concepts. These new designs, once tested*, are contracted out to the highest bidder for production outside of Conheav Sector.

Lobic Arms is staunchly pro-Imperial and enjoys a special relationship with Moff Lesbeat. Approximately 80% of the weapons used by the Imperial military in Conheav Sector were purchased through Lobic Arms, at a discount of course. But even considering the discount, the profits that this brought to Lobic were immense. In return, Lesbeat got an arms company much more likely to do as he wishes than any of the massive, galaxy-spanning companies. Moff Lesbeat also has a few "extra special arrangements" with Lobic Arms, such as the situation in the Nethin system and, for a small fee, access to prototype equipment before anyone else has any idea it exists.

One thing that Lesbeat isn't aware of is that certain key figures in the executive commitee of Lobic Arms are members of the Nestor Syndicate, the sector's most powerful criminal organization. This is a little ironic considering how intertwined the syndicate and the corrupt Moff are. The Nestors are extremely careful not to do anything that could reveal their influence in Lobic Arms. When they feel it necessary to influence company decisions in their favor, they are extremely subtle about it.

The Nestors have placed a talented and loyal slicer within the shipping department of Lobic and occasionally redirect small shipments of arms into their hands with his help. These shipments are never frequent enough or large enough to be noticed. The Nestor plants in the organization also allow the criminal group access to prototype weapons. Prototypes would surely be noticed if they went missing, however, so the Nestors have only stolen a prototype once, and they were very careful that time to make the theft obvious and look like an outside job done by amatuer thieves who just stole whatever they could.

The other main acivity that the Nestor syndicate is involved in concerning Lobic Arms is good old fashioned embezellment, although they are smart enough not to get too greedy.