Kalpol System

created by Ben Wafer

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Type: Temperate terrestrial
Temperature: Temperate
Atmosphere: Type I (with some pollutants)
Hydrosphere: Moderate
Gravity: Standard
Terrain: Oceans, mountains, urban
Length of day: 34 hours
Length of year: 392 local days
Sapient species: Humans (no other prevalent aliens, but a wide variety in the cities)
Starport: Stellar class
Population: 5 billion
Planet function: Manufacturing
Government: Corporate with Imperial advisors
Tech level: Space
Major exports: Manufactured goods (low, medium and high tech)
Major imports: Raw materials (from in-system), foodstuffs
System: Kalpol
Star: Kal (yellow)
Orbital Bodies:
Name Type Moons
Kalpol I Scorched rock 0
Kalpol II Hostile terrestrial 0
Agebew Temperate terrestrial 3
Kalpol Belt Very sparse asteroid belt n/a
Kalpol IV Gas giant 21
Kalpol V & VI Double planet Each other

World Summary

Agebew is primarily an industrial planet with extensive manufacturing complexes and facilities to take advantage of the local resources. Virtually every major corporation in Conheav Sector has at least one major manufacturing plant on the planet, simply due to its fairly central location in the sector and the abundance of raw materials in the system.

Another prime reason for a company to base its manufacturing facilities on Agebew is the fact that the local government is controlled by a consortium of corporations. This means that the regulations on the planet are fairly friendly to big business, despite constant corporate in-fighting on the system council.

However, the government is not out to exploit the planet's general population and completely ignore environmental concerns. Toward that goal, most of the larger companies in the sector have a Public Relations department. In order to sway public sentiment towards them, the council and the companies that it represents have worked very hard at maintaining an image of encouraging industrial growth while still being fair to the average citizen. Even though this approach cuts into profits slightly, the results are happy consumers more likely to purchase more goods and workers more likely to be more productive.

Despite this, the environmental regulations on Agebew are not as stringent as they could be, and the planet has been being slowly poisoned for centuries. For the most part, this has been ignored by the media and the inhabitants of the planet's sprawling cities, due largely to the very gradual manner in which this pollution has taken place.

In the past century, however, an environmental group named ACE (Agebew Council for the Environment) has arisen to attempt to combat this poisoning. Membership in ACE has been slowly growing, and it is now a planet-wide organization. However, it has little power, and the majority of public opinion is that the corporations are careful enough about the environment. ACE organizes peaceful protests and informational sessions for the public, but these are largely ignored. Some of the more extreme members of ACE have resorted to using sabotage. But, this is far from widespread, and any such incident receives worldwide media coverage for days that paints the ACE members as fanatics who are vehemently opposed to progress and economic security. Moff Lesbeat has long used ACE as an excuse to step up the sector's military presence, and he has masterminded a subtle media manipulation which has linked the unpopular actions of ACE with the Rebel Alliance (and later the New Republic), thus rousing public opinion against them.

One of the most powerful corporations on Agebew is Lobic Arms, which has its major manufacturing and research plants around the planet. Lobic Arms also maintains a shipyard in orbit around the planet where they install ship-based weaponry on their testbed ship designs. This shipyard is also large enough and well enough equipped for Lobic Arms to run a side business under the name Lobic Yards Ltd. by performing maintenance and repairs on Imperial Naval vessels. Such services are also available to clients other than the navy, but due to the fact that the yard is particularly suited to performing military-grade maintenance, repairs, and modifications, the navy is the primary customer for this service.

System Summary

The Kalpol system has become an industrial hub in the Conheav sector for a number of reasons. First of all, its proximity to Conheav Prime means that it occupies a fairly central location in the sector and is relatively easy to ship finished goods from Kalpol to any other system in the sector. This also means that Kalpol is close to where most of the major corporations in the sector are based, and it is a simple matter for these corporations to keep a close eye on their major concerns in this system.

Quite aside from this, Kalpol system has an abundance of natural resources. Kalpol I is basically useless, being both too close to Kal to be exploited without massively expensive measures to deal with the high temperatures and being relatively poor in resources.

The hostile atmosphere of Kalpol II is, surprisingly, largely composed of industrially useful gases that are used in all sorts of manufacturing processes and even contains trace amounts of tibanna gas (not enough to make harvesting it cost effective, except for the fact that many of the other gasses in the atmosphere are also valuable).

Agebew is a habitable world that has no insignificant natural resources of its own and was the perfect place to industrialize and take full advantage of the system's resources.

The Kalpol Belt has never been the source of much in the way of minerals, being extremely sparse. Only some 200 asteroids are large enough to track in the belt. Despite this, there are some minor asteroid mining operations throughout the belt, since there was no point in leaving anything in this system unexploited.

Kalpol IV has a large number of moons, all of which are captured asteroids and are mined in the same small-scale fashion as the asteroid belt. The gas giant itself has some useful gases but is not nearly as profitable in that respect as Kalpol II. Although, it does have a high concentration of prothium gas, a gas often used in blaster technology in place of tibanna gas. Indeed, the prothium gas is the only real reason to perform any gas mining of the planet at all.

Kalpol V & VI are two terrestrial worlds that are roughly the same size which rotate around a point in space directly between them. The two planets are tide-locked with each other, in other words they do not rotate with respect to each other. Kalpol V & VI are also the primary source of minerals in the system and are home to extensive mining operations with some surface stripmining, but mostly subterranean mines as the most of the stripmines were played out centuries ago.

Kalpol Mining Corporation, a local company, has had a monopoly on all gas and mineral mining in the system for hundreds of years and supplies most of the factories on Agebew.