Conheav Sector

created by Ben Wafer

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Overview: Conheav Sector was first settled millennia ago, during one of the Old Republic's surges of colonization. From the beginning, Conheav Sector had a good economy, at first based upon the exploitation and export of natural resources and then based upon industrial and commercial growth. Conheav Sector was one of the first sectors in the Inner Rim to become developed. Because of this, Conheav Sector has become the corporate headquarters for a number of large companies that operate in this and the neighboring sectors. None of the galactic giants have their headquarters here, but many of them, such as Kuat Drive Yards and SoroSuub, have important manufacturing, sales, and shipping centers in the sector. This means that there are a lot of rich and powerful people in the sector.

With the rise of the Empire, Conheav Sector was placed under the control of one Moff Ferwa. Ferwa was extremely lax as Imperial moffs go, and when the inevitable protests against the Empire arose, he couldn't be bothered to put them down brutally as he should. He only got away with this because at the time, COMPNOR was young and didn't have the manpower to have loyalty agents in every sector. Because of this, however, resistance to the New Order slowly died away in the sector, since the population really had very little to object about. In Conheav Sector, the populace was largely isolated from the atrocities of the Empire and, for the most part, saw the Empire as a force for order in the galaxy. Once COMPNOR finally placed agents in Conheav Sector, they saw that Ferwa was a possible risk due to his reluctance to use extreme force in potentially dangerous circumstances. Ferwa was eliminated quietly. When Ferwa was disposed of, Moff Lesbeat was brought into the sector. Lesbeat didn't take long to develop a power base through organized crime in the form of the Nestor Syndicate, and through corporate and political maneuvering. By this time, the types of situations that had caused COMPNOR to eliminate Lesbeat's predecessor had largely vanished, so Lesbeat was able to run the sector in such a way that he didn't anger the population, but he was, unlike Ferwa, able to keep from angering COMPNOR as well.

Despite the fact that there is little resistance to Imperial rule in the sector, Lesbeat has used the ever-present threat of piracy and has fabricated a few false Rebel cells in order to justify having a full sector fleet under his control. Most of the ranking officers in the Conheav Sector fleet owe something to the Moff, creating a very large and loyal fleet for Lesbeat. When the Empire fell at Endor, surprisingly little changed in the Conheav Sector. Luckily for Moff Lesbeat, a full superiority fleet was being transferred from the Core Worlds to a sector in the Outer Rim, and was restocking at Lechar when the news of the Emperor's death arrived. Lesbeat acted quickly and commandeered the fleet, increasing his naval strength by almost 25%. Lesbeat now had a full 30 Imperial Star Destroyers under his command, in addition to hundreds of smaller combat vessels. Largely because of this powerful force but also because of deft political and criminal maneuvering, Moff Lesbeat was able to maintain order in his sector and, more importantly, keep it under his control. Lesbeat stayed aloof from the power struggles amongst the Imperial factions, and it was business as usual for most of the population in the sector. The exports kept going out and the economy stayed strong. When Grand Admiral Thrawn arrived on the scene, Lesbeat recognized that he was the best chance the Empire had yet seen to reunite and regain control of the galaxy. Moff Lesbeat was one of Thrawn's first major supporters and sent supplies and ships to aid in his efforts. After all, the only reason that Lesbeat hadn't sided with any of the other Imperials was because he saw this infighting as counter-productive. Lesbeat wanted a unified Empire, where he could stay in power for the rest of his life without having to worry about the New Republic. In Thrawn, Lesbeat saw a chance to gain such an Empire. After Thrawn's ultimate defeat, almost all of the ships that had been sent to serve in his armada returned, and Lesbeat reverted to his previous policies of neutrality amongst the Imperial warlords. Moff Lesbeat still hopes to find a faction that has a reasonable chance of rebuilding the Empire, but his hopes aren't as high as they once were.

One interesting thing to note is that ever since Lesbeat took over Imperial forces, both military and civil forces have had access to near-instantaneous communications within the sector. One of Lesbeat's first acts was to implement a system of subspace signal amplifiers along all of the hyperspace routes in the sector. This means that any Imperial vessel with the proper codes can use this system to send messages to any other Imperial vessel throughout the sector with a lag time of a minute or two at the most. However, this system is not open for public use due to its expense and doesn't make communication with Imperial forces outside of the sector any faster. Although, it does allow quick communication with Conheav Prime, and Conheav Prime has access to the Holonet if any extremely important messages must be sent out of the sector.

Planets of Conheav Sector
Star System Important Planets
Alegna System Mogtnom
Cholddut System Cholddut
Conheav System Conheav Prime
Draxin's Star None,
Station: Lucky Despot Casino
Etuc System Dran Colquar
Kalpol System Agebew
Kurk System Konbalar
Lechar System Donnin, Lechar
Nethin System Jandin, Noqtin, Fanjin,
Dolduar, Zanquin, Hangin
Noinu System Noinu
Paqmoc System Vercou
Pecsus System Gor Vandar
Shurc System Drof, Shurc III
Sponia System Eswax
S'Ytnom System Cassi, Ord Perpan
Timgro System Horhay
Treah System Mow Frenshar
Tuarte System Tuarte
Veursa System Veursa I