The Homeworld Preservation League

created by Ben Wafer

The HPL, or Homeworld Preservation League, is the rival Noqtuar faction to the FNA. The HPL has a slight edge in the conflict in terms of military size, funding, and medical technology. This is offset by the tenacity of the FNA forces, creating a very evenly matched war. Due to the greater resources of the HPL, they have purchased slightly more advanced weapons from Lobic Arms than the FNA, but Lobic Arms has no intention of letting one side win the war completely, as their interests are better served by allowing the conflict to continue indefinitely.

The HPL military is organized very differently from that of the FNA. Since the HPL represents the big, all-powerful (or so they'd like to believe) home planet plus a few dependent colonies, the attitude is that the central League Fleet should provide all of the military support for every member of the League without relying on the inferior colonies to provide any sort of militia.

This is not to say that the League Fleet (which actually consists of all arms of the military, including the army, under one military council) doesn't use any colonists from friendly colonies. As a matter of fact, they do. It only means that they don't trust their allies to know how best to defend themselves. This overbearing attitude, which is common among the Noqtuar from Noqtin itself, was one of the major causes of the war and has served to alienate even most of the colonies that remain allied with the HPL.

Among these colonies, groups of fierce HPL loyalists still exist that are very vocal. But, the majority of the population tends to wonder why they are fighting and dying for a homeworld that doesn't trust them to look after their own affairs and yet shows little interest in looking after their affairs for them except in matters where a clear advantage is to be gained by Noqtin. Over the years, the size of the groups of loyalists has been gradually dwindling, and though the HPL president (a hereditary title now and not representative of a democracy) and League Fleet are blissfully unaware of this growing anti-HPL sentiment within their allies, it could eventually cause the HPL to fall and liberate the colonies.

A clever band of PCs who arrive in the Nethin system could very well use the HPL's own allies against them in order to stop this terrible war.