The Free Noqtuar Alliance

created by Ben Wafer

The Free Noqtuar Alliance, or FNA, is one of the two Noqtuar factions vying for supremecy in the Nethin system. The FNA is a popular military government which controls the following planets: Jandin, Fanjin, one of the moons of Hangin and a significant number of asteroids in the Dolduar. The FNA has virtually identical military technology to that of their rivals, the HPL.

In terms of manpower and number of combat vessels, the FNA has a slightly smaller military, but this is offset by the fact that their forces are much more dedicated than the majority of HPL forces for reasons that are similar to the reasons why the Rebel Alliance was more dedicated than the soldiers of the Empire: they are fighting for freedom from an oppresive government.

Despite this similarity, the FNA is very different from the Rebel Alliance. The FNA has always fought a conventional war, since they have always had the ability to do so without being completely crushed which is a luxury that the Rebellion did not have until after Endor.

The FNA is organized into local militia forces, which have the task of protecting the FNA holdings where they are based and the United FNA Fleet, or UFNAF, which coordinates with the militias, protects shipping convoys from HPL raiders, and performs strikes against HPL targets. The militias are formed out of whatever the base colony of the specific militia can afford to put into service, plus any augmentation that UFNAF feels the colony requires. Each colony sends a portion of its resources to the nearest UFNAF base, where the resources are redistributed according to High Command's wishes. High Command, led by a charismatic Noqtuar by the name of Nentarnen Do'leqtuar, is the governing agency that currently regulates virtually every aspect of FNA life, primarily the war effort.

The FNA-controlled colonies tend to be populated by extremely determined Noqtuar who are absolutely determined to win their independence. These are the hardy individuals who, not long before the war broke out, left the comfort of their homeworld for an uncertain, and difficult, future in the colonies. They have retained much of this pioneer spirit to the present day.