Draxin's Star

created by Ben Wafer

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Draxin's Star

System: Draxin's Star
Star: Draxin's star (red supergiant)
Orbital Bodies:
Name Type Moons
Draxin I Small gas giant 0

System Summary

Draxin's Star is a system that is unremarkable in terms of resources and has no habitable planets. Indeed, the only planet in the system is a relatively small gas giant.

Despite this, Draxin's Star is a very well known system, due to its beauty. The red supergiant which dominates the system is slowly syphoning off stunningly colored gases from Draxin I, creating a truly breathtaking stellar display. This beauty is the reason why the Lucky Despot Casino has been placed in orbit around the star, and this has become an extremely popular resort.

Since the only planet in the system is useless aside from its beauty, this entry is only here for the sake of completeness. For more information on the system, please refer to the entry on the Lucky Despot Casino.