Cholddut System

created by Ben Wafer

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Type: Terrestrial
Temperature: Temperate
Atmosphere: Type I (breathable)
Hydrosphere: Moist
Gravity: Standard
Terrain: Islands
Length of day: 19 standard hours
Length of year: 276 local days
Sapient species: Humans, Redsha (N)
Starport: Stellar class
Population: 286 million Redsha, 3 million Humans
Planet function: Trade, homeworld, research
Government: Imperial governor/Elected council
Tech level: Space
Major exports: Any
Major Imports: Any
System: Cholddut
Star: Chold (yellow)
Orbital Bodies:
Name Type Moons
Cholddut Terrestrial 3

World Summary

Cholddut is the first stop after the Lechar system within the Conheav sector and, therefore, sees a lot of trade which spills over from the bustling Lechar.

Cholddut is a lush but violent world. The flora on the planet tends to be small, rarely are trees more than 3 or 4 meters in height, because the planet has a more pronounced axial tilt than is common in inhabitable worlds. This causes extreme seasons, which causes severe weather patterns, which are further enhanced by the tidal forces created by the planet's three moons. Added to this is the fact that Cholddut is composed almost entirely of large islands rather than continents, meaning that everywhere on the planet is vulnerable to ocean storms. At any given point on Cholddut, it is a rare month indeed when fewer than two major storms occur. Because of these conditions, the only plants which survive are those that will bend with the wind rather than break or be uprooted. Likewise, the only animals which survive are those with high birth rates and those which are able to adapt quickly.

Cholddut is, also, the home to the Redsha, who had reached a feudal level of civilization when they were first contacted by the Old Republic. The Redsha are the most common species on the planet, but they adopted human culture wholesale with very few exceptions. This is a result of the natural tendency of the Redsha to adapt to virtually anything extremely quickly. The Redsha operate most of the businesses on the planet, simply by virtue of greatly outnumbering humans. Redsha are notorious for always looking for short-term profits rather than planning for the future. This affects those dealing with them in that Redsha businessmen tend to always push for a hard deal with no concern about whether they are likely to receive any return business. Because of this, Cholddut has a reputation as being the place where the most cut-throat trading in the sector goes on, despite the fact that Lechar, and not Cholddut, is the biggest trading center in the sector. Anyone who can build a fortune trading on Cholddut is considered to be someone to be respected and feared in the business community.

Cholddut is also known as a home of all sorts of different research facilities. It is surmised that this is because the Redsha are so open to change. Regardless, some of the most important corporations in the sector have research facilities here, researching everything from weapons (Lobic Arms maintains an underwater facility on the planet where they research aquatic weapons) to medicines (BreendaTech, a local drug manufacturer is based on Cholddut) to cybernetics (MerenData maintains a research facility here). Many places throughout the galaxy that are devoted to research are also considered to be great centers of learning, but Cholddut is considered to be a place of innovation rather than knowledge.

Cholddut is ruled by an Imperial governor in combination with an elected council. The council generally has a very hard time agreeing on anything, except in times of crisis. During a crisis, the council, which is usually made up mostly of Redsha, acts with amazing speed and decisiveness. It could be said that the way the government actually works is the opposite of most Imperial worlds. The Imperial bureaucracy handles the day-to-day operations, while the elected council takes control during emergencies. The Imperial governor isn't terribly happy with this arrangement, but he tolerates it largely because it works so well. It should be noted that this arrangement is purely unofficial, officially the Imperial governor and the council have equal power at all times, but this is simply the best way that the government works.

System Summary

The Cholddut system is unusual in that it only has one planet, and that planet happens to be habitable. The space in the system tends to be fairly busy, as it is an important stop on the way out of the sector.