Robert "The Slig" West

to Robert!

Robert West, aka "The Slig", was first caught exposing himself at a premiere of Star Wars back in 1977. (No! Wait! I mean . . .) was first exposed to Star Wars, along with the rest of the planet, back in 1977! (Yeah, that's more like it!)

As an avid Star Trek and Monty Python fan, Robert realizes there are those who'll scream "TRAITOR!" to which his reply would be, "Nah, nah, nah, nah. You can't threaten me! My badger's bigger!"

Having begun his artistic endeavors at twelve years of age, he is self-taught and dabbles in various artistic media, constantly improving and upgrading his style. Computers, fantasy and roleplaying games are only a small part of a repertoire that spans nearly two decades. (And, that is as close as you get to knowing how old I am.)

Though boasting formidable abilities in a wide range of artistic media, he considers himself a "creatist" due to his vivid imagination. Robert frequently shuns the term "artist", as he feels it is overused. He prefers to create using the axiom, "You suck until further notice," as he feels it keeps him honest.

Robert's current projects include work on his own RPG system and numerous writing projects as well as contributing artwork to this website.

Patrick and Robert met through their mutual interest in RPGs and have known each other for at least ten years.