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What do you think of the new Saga Edition rules?
I think they're great! I'm converting my game over!
They're good. I will probably use the rules for a future game.
They're okay. I might use them.
They could be better. I see some problems with them.
Are you kidding? They're not worth the paper they're printed on!

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Games and Puzzles

Ambushed: Han Solo's Journey Home to Corellia
FlashWars: Star Wars Game
Jigsaw Puzzle
Courtesy of
and Star Wars: The Forgotten Tales
Sabacc for Windows
Play Sabacc on your PC!
Click to download the zip file.
Tic-tac-toe, Star Wars style!
The Star Wars Drinking Game


How do you make a wookiee stay in a tuxedo?

Line it with velcro. (submitted by Kevin McLean)

What did one wookiee say to the other?

Roworrhrorr. (submitted by Michelle Stutzman)

Quizzes and Tests

Jan Tolbara's Star Wars Trivia Quiz
Take the Star Wars Personality Test!
Three Star Wars Trivia Games
The Largest Star Wars Trivia Page on the Web


Bloopers from the Original Trilogy
Enter this week's Photo Caption contest
at and look at previous entries.
Cut scenes using Star Wars action figures
Star Wars Mad Libs
from Wizards of the Coast.
Star Wars Polls
Star Wars Spoofs
You know you're a Star Wars geek when . . .
Space Wars 3D Space Battle Screen Saver
from Useless Creations
Star Wars downloads available!