Far from the well-traveled hyperspace lanes, Nuusan is a lush jungle world whose temperatures are too hot for most sapient species to withstand. Although no intelligent species can claim the planet as home, some believe that a civilization of beings used to inhabit the planet, and their descendants still live there. Currently, the planet is the subject of a mild terraforming project by an Ithorian herdship.

Region: Mid Rim
Climate: Greenhouse
Gravity: Standard
Moons: 1
Length of Day: 16 standard hours
Length of Year: 349 local days
Sapient Species: 89% Ithorian, 11% other species
Government: Herds
Capital: none
Major Exports: Foodstuffs, medicine, rare gases
Major Imports: Technology

Knowledge (Galactic Lore)
20 Nusaan is an isolated jungle planet largely untouched by civilization.
25 An Ithorian herdship has parked in orbit around Nusaan and is attempting to terraform the world to better sustain life.
35 Ruins of an ancient civilization are scattered around the globe. The people that built these ruins may be responsible for what happened to the planet's environment.

Knowledge (Life Sciences)
20 Despite the higher temperatures, the planet teems with a wide variety of plant and lower animal life.
25 Some of the higher forms of animal life appear to have devolved from a higher and possibly sapient life form. The Ithorians are studying the species to see if anything can be done to elevate them again.

Nusaan remained undiscovered by the galactic community until the middle of the Dark Times, when an Imperial scout charted the system. Not finding anything worth noting, she merely logged the planet and moved on. An aid to the Ithorian senator happened across the report a few years later and promptly relayed a copy back to Ithor, where a new herdship was dispatched to check out the planet and see if anything could be done to make it more habitable.
  After their initial survey, the Ithorians decided to begin terraforming efforts to lower the planetary temperature to more acceptable levels. Soon after they began, they discovered a species of primates that demonstrated remarkable intelligence. At first, they believed that the species was on the verge of becoming sapient, but further studies indicate otherwise.
  Beyond the Ithorians' terraforming, activity on Nusaan was virtually nonexistant. The planet did not come to light again until after the destruction of Ithor by the Yuuzhan Vong. With their homeworld eradicated, the Ithorians began their search for a new world, and Nuusan was an early candidate. But, the high temperatures eliminated the world from being chosen in favor of more temperate climates.
  By the time the Galactic Alliance began executing the Ossus Project, the Ithorians had completed their own terraforming project and changed Nuusan into a lush, tropical paradise with temperatures well within nominal levels for most of the galaxy's beings. As a result, Nuusan was selected as a new colony world by the Alliance and prepared to send colonists. A mishap as the vessel emerged from hyperspace caused the engines to overload and sent the ship crashing into the planet. Reports indicated that faulty equipment was to blame, but some suspected sabotage.

Nusaan includes the following significant or interesting locations.

Sky Grove Herdship
This Manollium-class herdship remains in orbit around Nuusan and dispatches members of the terraforming team to the surface on a regular basis to check on the status of their progress and how well the wildlife on the planet copes with the changes. Within the herdship itself is a large arboretum that hosts a wide variety of plants and animals from Ithor and other planets visited during their travels.
  Equipped virtually the same as other herdships, Sky Grove acts as the unofficial starport for the planet as well. With little to do other than float above the planet's atmosphere and keep watch on the climate, the Ithorians have opened their doors to any visitors to the star system to stop, relax, and refuel while enjoying their hospitality. Led by the priest Molan Beshu, the crew members of the herdship are warm and inviting to any guests that may arrive at Sky Grove, which is a rare occasion considering that the planet is far from any common flight paths. The crew takes special care to cater to their guests' needs and provide to them and each other the comforts of home during their self-imposed isolation from the rest of the galaxy.

Colony Ship Crash Site
Located at the edge of the planetary horizon from the herdship, the colony ship dispatched by the Galactic Alliance impacted the planet and gouged a long trench into the ground that can be easily seen from orbit. The fires that resulted from the crash cleared a good portion of the vegetation surrounding it, and any surviving native animals have avoided the area since.
  Initial reports of the crash indicated that no survivors were located. Information from the herdship state that survivors were found but have avoided rescue, creating questions of their intentions and current state of mind. The Ithorians fear that they seek to cause further and irrevocable damage to the environment, and rescue efforts continue to locate and extract them.

Ancient Ruins
Near the planet's equator are multiple sets of ancient ruins obscured by the heavy vegetation growing around it, keeping them from being found by sight from the ground or the air. Each set of carved stone ruins covers an average of twelve square miles of jungle, and the ruins have lost against nature's advances to reclaim the land. Yet, many of the buildings still stand and are easily recognizable as being constructed of worked stone.
  Discovery of one such set of ruins by archaeologists have led to speculation about the origins of the buildings. Some believe that the builders were ancient Taungs that splintered from the main group and settled on Nuusan. Others believe that they are Sith in nature with ties back to Korriban. A few give credit to the native primates called lariks that live near the ruins, stating that they devolved from intelligence. While some scientists scoff at such a notion, others believe it to be possible and seek to study the theory further.


Scalding Water PoolCL 2
"Water's so hot, you could boil eggs in it!"
Contact, natural

Trigger A creature, a droid, or an object comes into contact with the water.
Attack +4 vs. Fortitude Defense
Damage 3d6 (Miss: Half damage)
Recurrence Each round at the start of the target's turn, as long as the target is in physical contact with the water.

  Acrobatics (DC 19): The character maneuvers to avoid falling into the water, gaining a +2 circumstance bonus to Reflex Defense against the hazard.
  Jump (DC 24): The character attempts to jump over the water, gaining a +5 circumstance bonus to Reflex Defense against the hazard.
  Treat Injury (DC 14; requires medical kit): The character treats the burn resulting from the water.

Standing water exists throughout the jungles of Nuusan. Although these scattered pools may be inviting to stop and take a drink or dive in to cool off from the intense heat, the few that have done so and survived have come back with severe burns. The water is extremely hot and is known to boil creatures alive if they fall in. Any heroes that encounter a pool of scalding water have been known to use it as a natural obstruction from pursuers or trick others into thinking it as cooler water. Those in desperate need and the means to do so can replenish their canteens after sufficiently lowering its temperature.

With no native intelligent species and very few visitors, the number of different factions on Nuusan is very low.

Sky Grove Crew
The people that inhabit the herdship spend their time studying the various facets of Nuusan, hosting any visitors that arrive, and assisting with the terraforming efforts of the planet below. Their warm, inviting hospitality makes visiting the herdship pleasant at the very least, compelling some visitors to extend their stay or even take up permanent residence with the Ithorians.
  Their primary goal and reason for their presence at Nuusan is the gradual reduction of the planet's global temperature to make the planet more habitable to more species from across the galaxy. The reason why they took on the task of such a climactic change despite the presence of native wildlife already adapted to the higher temperatures escapes most people that know anything about the Ithorians, since they seek to preserve environments rather than manipulate them. But, they have not been very informative of their motives.

Imperial Academy of Science and Methodology
Scientists from the academy took up residence on the herdship once news of possible ruins on the planet reached them. Seeking to reach the planet and study the sites, they make every effort to get past the Ithorians' attempts to prevent them access for fear of possible corruption of their terraforming achievements. Some of the scientists have managed to smuggle themselves to the surface for a short time and discovered a number of interesting but inconclusive finds before the New Republic took control of the academy and recalled all of the scientists back to Coruscant.

Adventure Ideas
Life may seem slow on Nuusan to the outside observer, but something is always going on. And, keeping up may be an adventure unto itself.

Best Laid Plans
A delegation from Coruscant has arrived wanting to check on the Ithorians' progress in terraforming Nuusan. After checking the reports, the leader of the visiting group named Rolan Fal states that the progress is not fast enough and wants the Ithorians to speed up their work. Despite repeated objections, Fal demands that efforts be stepped up or face a forced withdrawal to make way for his own team to move in and take control of the project. Shortly after the meeting, various systems on the herdship suddenly begin exhibiting signs of technical failure. Could sabotage be taking place? Or, could the herdship finally need to get the maintenance check that is long overdue?

Lariks in the Mist
An Ithorian named Nado Velaar ventured to the surface to study a group of lariks living among the ruins and has missed his last three scheduled contacts. Molan Beshu requests the heroes to find Velaar and bring him back to the herdship. Has he taken up residence with the lariks to study them closer? Are the lariks showing a hint of their former intelligence and taken action against the visiting observer? Or, has something else befallen Velaar?

Trial By Fire
Recent reports of activity near the crash site of the colony ship indicate incendiary explosions that are creating fires which threaten the surrounding jungle. Although the tree line is a fair distance from the wreckage, these explosions seem too close to the plants and suggest some form of intervention to cause them. Could some of the passengers aboard the colony ship have survived? If so, are they causing the explosions and why?