Located far from the galactic center, Drakkar is a desert world that seems largely unremarkable to the casual observer or scout. No native sapient species call the planet home, and no other forms of life appear to live there. But, Drakkar's treasure lies under the surface in the form of valuable ores and spice sought after by individuals and companies alike.

Region: Unknown Regions
Climate: Arid, hot
Gravity: Standard
Moons: 3
Length of Day: 27 standard hours
Length of Year: 416 local days
Sapient Species: 36% near-Human, 64% other species
Government: Representative democracy
Capital: Drakkar City
Major Exports: Minerals, spice
Major Imports: Foodstuffs, medicine, technology

Knowledge (Galactic Lore)
20 Drakkar is a desert world best known for the various mining groups that flock to the planet and search for its valuable ores and spices. With so many different factions present, tensions can run high and sometimes result in conflict when rich deposits are discovered by multiple organizations.
25 In addition to the immigrant miners, the planet is rumored to have a native species of giant worms that dwell beneath the surface and attack any creatures that move about on the surface. If these worms do exist, nobody has survived to tell about it.

Knowledge (Physical Sciences)
10 Drakkar is abundant with many rare types of minerals and can make one wealthy, if they find a rich vein that has not already been claimed.
15 Some of the minerals are reported to be highly sought by corporations, especially those involved in manufacturing weapons. And, they will pay a lot of credits for substantial shipments or knowledge of secured deposits that they can exploit.
25 Subterranean deposits of spice have been found and are even more rare than the mineral deposits. Rumors indicate that the spice can be used in manufacturing merseki, a drug reputed to be able to grant the user Force-like abilities for a short period of time.

Drakkar did not enter the galaxy's public eye until about 1,500 years before the Battle of Yavin, when a scout ship miscalculated their hyperspace route and accidentally arrived just outside the Fala star system. Deciding to chart the system while they were there, the discovery of the desert planet they named Drakkar went largely unnoticed by the nearby interstellar government, until they chose to sent a colony there to help relieve the overpopulation on their homeworld. The colonists, loathing the miserable heat and climate, saw their misfortune dissipate upon discovering the large volumes of minerals available just under their feet.
  Within months, their homeworld dispatched several vessels filled with miners and prospectors ready to make their fortune. Word spread quickly to other star systems, and Drakkar soon hosted more people than anticipated. The population exploded into the thousands virtually overnight, and the demand for immediate housing sparked the need for a permanent settlement to be established. Construction teams from a dozen planets arrived and built Drakkar City in record time despite the blistering heat and harsh climate. Soon after that, a centralized government made up of representatives from the larger companies was established to help keep the peace.
  By the time of the outbreak of the Clone Wars, over 150 different mining companies of varying sizes were present and swarming all over the planet. Though the planetary government strives to maintain order, the lack of a united enforcement agency often does nothing more than incite fights over claims rights and ownership of property, resulting in a balkanized population and reliance on their company rather than the central council.


A rare narcotic known only in certain areas of the Unknown Regions, merseki was invented a little over 1,000 years before the Battle of Yavin and is a recent addition to the galactic drug scene. Its true formula is a secret held by few, but it is believed that one of the key ingredients is the spice found only at the bottom of the deepest mines of Drakkar.
  Merseki operates by affecting certain areas of the brain and inducing a chemical reaction that gives the user a rush of endorphins. Some even believe that it opens the mind to the Force. Regardless, most of the people that consume the drug do so for recreational purposes, but some have experimented with it in the hopes of becoming Force sensitive.

MersekiCL 3
This controlled substance is believed by some to temporarily give access to the Force in addition to a feeling of euphoria.
Ingested, natural, poison.

Trigger A living creature ingests a dose of merseki
Attack +5 vs. Fortitude Defense
Damage No damage, and the target moves -1 step on the condition track
  and gains a persistent condition. (Miss: No damage, and the target moves -1
  step on the condition track.)
Recurrence Once each minute for 10 minutes.

  Knowledge (life sciences) (DC 27): The character identifies the chemical as the narcotic substance called merseki.
  Perception (DC 24): The character recognizes the signs that an individual creature is under the influence of merseki.
  Treat Injury (DC 19; requires medical kit): The character treats the effects of merseki. This process takes 8 hours and removes the persistent condition caused by merseki.

  Any user whose Charisma is 13 or higher can make a DC 20 check vs. Fortitude Defense. A successful check grants the character the Force Sensitive feat for 2d4 minutes. After that time, the character moves -1 step on the condition track and gains a persistent condition if one is not already present from the drug.

Drakkar includes the following significant or interesting locations.

Drakkar City
Encompassing an area of land 50 kilometers across, Drakkar City is the only permanent form of civilization on the planet. Found in the central area of the city is the council hall and buildings that support the government. Surrounding the central hub are 15 different districts, separated from each other by walls that appear like spokes of a single wheel when viewed from the air.
  Each of the districts have their own separate architectural style and hosts a wide variety of races and cultures. The people of each district are governed by one of the large mining corporations present on the planet and, as such, are represented by a member of that company in the city's ruling council. Passing through different districts is almost like visiting an entirely separate city or planet.
  Situated outside the city is the planet's only starport. Traffic from dozens of companies and planets moves through the port on a daily basis, making it one of the busiest ports in its area of space.

The list of the different companies and interests taking up residence on Drakkar is too long to effectively list here. However, the primary ones are indicated below.

Drakkar City Council
Composed of representatives from each of the 15 districts of the city and their support staff, the Drakkar City Council seeks to create and maintain order throughout the city. Despite this lofty goal, the lack of a force to enforce its laws renders most of the council's rulings ineffective, and the council's reliance on each district's armed forces causes them to not be taken seriously by the city population. Corruption runs rampant within the council, with members willing to take bribes to help promote special interests and working to promote their own agendas over the council's aims.

Chiss Ascendancy
The Chiss Ascendancy, particularly House Chaf, sent a large number of workers to Drakkar to help bolster their supplies and wealth. Preferring to keep to themselves, they maintain a small fleet in orbit to house their miners that operate away from most of the planet's population. Although the council has invited them to send a representative to join them, the Chiss have turned down every invitation without explanation.

Independent Miners' Guild
For those individuals or small companies unable to obtain proper representation in the council, the Independent Miners' Guild was formed about seventy years before the Battle of Yavin. Composed of over 3 dozen separate entities, the guild strives to provide equal representation for "the little guy" who is not able to adequately compete against the larger companies. Despite the council's ineffective policies, the guild has gained the respect of most of the planet's population.

Kartak Mining Company
The Kartak Mining Company traveled far to establish a presence on Drakkar. As one of the more recent arrivals on the planet, they have grown quickly and earned a place on the city council. How they rose through the ranks so quickly is a mystery to most of the people living on Drakkar, but the fact that they have gained prominence cannot be denied. Though many suspect underhanded dealings and conspiracy theories abound, evidence of such activites is unavailable.

Offworld Mining Corporation
When word of Drakkar's mineral riches reached the corporate ears of the Offworld Mining Corporation, they immediately dispatched ships to take control of the planet and strip it of all its wealth. They quickly discovered of the dozens of other companies already claiming portions of the planet and changed their strategy. Now, they work to win smaller companies to their side through any means necessary, mostly dishonest negotiations intent on destroying their competition, acquisition, or assassination.

Adventure Ideas
Peaceful relations is but a pipedream on Drakkar, and heroes may easily find themselves embroiled in the middle of any of the conflicts that may erupt. The following adventure ideas can be integrated into an existing campaign or begin a new adventure on its own.

Cave of Wonders
The discovery of a natural cave some distance from Drakkar City has dozens of companies rushing to stake a claim and expand their holdings. But, the discovery of ruins in the cave sparks controversy. Are the ruins evidence of an ancient civilization that once inhabited the planet, or is it a hoax created by one of the mining companies to keep the others away?

Rivals in the Streets
Fighting has broken out between two neighboring districts within the city's walls. With weapons firing through the gates and over the walls into miners' homes and businesses, the armed dispute is growing out of control. The Drakkar City Council desperately seeks somebody to step in to make the hostilities cease. But, none of the other companies are stepping forward. What is causing the dispute, and can it be stopped before the entire city is in jeopardy?

What's Mine is Mine
Two teams of miners from different companies have laid claim to the same mine at the same time. Registration of the claim is delayed in council proceedings and has created heated discussions in the council chambers. Strangely enough, Offworld Mining Corporation appears to be negotiating a treaty between the disputing parties. Could OMC have secret knowledge of the nature of the dispute, or are they after the mine itself? Could the company have some other motive behind their unforeseen kindness?

Drakkari Sandworm
The Drakkari sandworm is a beast that, according to tales told by old miners, burrows deep under the surface and seeks out unfortunate miners that have been separated from the rest of their group to eat them for lunch. In truth, the Drakkari sandworm is an enormous creature believed to measure up to 50 meters in length that dwells below the surface. A sandworm rarely breaks through the surface, and such an incident has not been recorded for decades, leading some to believe that the worms have either died off or never existed in the first place. Some even believe that a connection exists between the sandworms and the rare spice that can be found deep within the mines, but such a correlation between them has never been proven.

Drakkari SandwormCL 18
Colossal desert/subterranean beast 18
Init -4; Senses blindsight; Perception +10

Defenses Ref 10 (flat-footed 10), Fort 28, Will 11
hp 189; Threshold 78

Speed 2 squares, burrow 6 squares
Melee bite +32 (4d6+19)
Base Atk +13; Grp +52
Atk Options Crush, Pin, Powerful Charge, Swallow Whole

Abilities Str 48, Dex 6, Con 46, Int 1, Wis 12, Cha 10
Feats Crush, Pin, Powerful Charge, Toughness (x3)
Skills Endurance +32

Blindsight - A Drakkari sandworm is sensitive to vibrations and uses that to its
  advantage, allowing it to maneuver and fight as well as a sighted creature against
  any foe touching the ground.
Swallow Whole - After a successful grapple check, a Drakkari sandworm can
  immediately attempt to swallow its prey whole with another successful grapple
  check as a free action as long as the prey is Gargantuan size or smaller.