Lightsaber Award

The Lightsaber Award of Excellence is available for websites that support the Star Wars Role-Playing Game. Sites that support either version or both versions of the game, the first one developed by West End Games and the latest developed by Wizards of the Coast, are eligible for the award.

The Lightsaber Award has three levels of achievement:
  • Bronze Saber
  • Silver Saber
  • Gold Saber
Expectations for each level, along with a sample award, are shown below.

Please note that the sample awards have a "Sample" watermark to prevent theft.
If you win one of the awards, your website's name will be displayed.

Bronze Saber Sample Award

The Bronze Saber, the lowest-level award, is given to Star Wars RPG websites that show good development. The site should be at least somewhat organized and fairly easy to navigate. Some broken links or graphics may be present, but should be minimized. Material presented may be incorporated into a majority of campaigns with some minor tweaking or require the use of a few house rules. A few elements from other universes may be presented as options for others to use.

Silver Saber Sample Award

The Silver Saber is given to those sites that show excellent work. The site should look clean, be well organized and easy to navigate and locate chosen material. Few to no broken links or graphics should be present. Material presented may be incorporated into most campaigns with little difficulty or use of house rules, and it may stray from mainstream Star Wars slightly.

Gold Saber Sample Award

The Gold Saber, the highest level of achievement, is rewarded to the absolute best websites. The site MUST be clean, well organized (easy to navigate and locate material) and have little to no broken links or graphics. Material presented can be incorporated into most, if not all, Star Wars campaigns without difficulty and have a definite Star Wars feel.

If you would like to apply for the award, please
complete the Lightsaber Award Submission Form.