The "Real" Jan Tolbara

to Jan!

Jan Tolbara, whose real name is Patrick Stutzman, was first exposed to the Star Wars phenomenon back in 1977, when he saw Episode IV originally show in the theaters. Already a sci-fi fan at that young age, the movie (along with the two movies that followed) left a lasting impression on him. Once he went to college and picked up role-playing games after a four-year hiatus, he picked up a book for West End Games' Star Wars RPG mainly to use as a supplement for his AD&D campaign. He managed to play in one session a couple of years later but didn't really start playing the Star Wars RPG until 1999, when the character he took his internet handle from was born.

Jan's personal Star Wars website, Star Wars: The Forgotten Tales, was born early in 2001 primarily as a depository for the blaster conversion project he started on the WotC-sponsored Star Wars RPG mailing list. The website quickly grew to be a fairly popular website within the Star Wars RPG community and still continues to grow. Once he joined the staff of SWRPGNetwork Conversions, he began contributing his time there as well.

Other projects that Jan is involved in include running the Star Wars PBeM game called The Lost Jedi, working with Rustycon (a scifi/fantasy convention in the Seattle area), maintaining his Spelljammer website called "Welcome to Hyrkulspace" and being a contributing member on the Seeker High Council (also known as the Spelljammer Council).