Torin Varik

by Jeremy Parker

Torin is a 17-year old human male who looks very similar to his father, General Trins Varik. Both stand around 1.8 meters tall and have the same dark reddish-brown hair and pale green eyes. Torin is light-skinned and has a fairly athletic build to him.
  Torin is the eldest son and second child of General Trins Varik, head of the New Republic Special Division, and Ambassador Calla Varik. Torin has an older sister who studies at the Corellian Academy of Engineering and a younger brother.
  Born on Corellia, Torin was identified at a young age as Force-sensitive. Shortly after his fourteenth birthday, he was sent to Yavin to train. On Yavin, he proved his amazing skills with a lightsaber and his natural intelligence. After two years of basic skills training, he was assigned to a training group along with two other apprentices to his master, Daeshara.

Torin VarikCL 6
Medium Human Jedi 6
Force 8; Destiny 3
Init +6; Senses Use the Force +9
Languages Basic

Defenses Ref 20 (flat-footed 17, Lightsaber Defense 21), Fort 19, Will 18; Deflect
hp 77; Threshold 19

Speed 6 squares
Melee unarmed +7 (1d4+4) or
Melee lightsaber +10 (2d8+4) or
Melee lightsaber* +11 (2d8+4)
Ranged heavy blaster pistol +9 (3d8+3)
Base Atk +6; Grp +7
Special Actions Melee Defense
Force Powers Known (Use the Force +9): battle strike, mind trick, move object,

Abilities Str 13, Dex 16, Con 15, Int 16, Wis 13, Cha 12
Talents Deflect, Force Perception, Lightsaber Defense
Feats Force Sensitivity, Force Training (2), Martial Arts I, Melee Defense, Weapon
  Finesse, Weapon Focus (lightsabers), Weapon Proficiency (lightsabers, simple
Skills Acrobatics +11, Climb +9, Jump +9, Knowledge (galactic lore) +11, Pilot +11,
  Use the Force +9
Possessions lightsaber (2, 1 self-built), heavy blaster pistol, all-temperature cloak,
  aquata breather, comlink, datapad, glow rod, grappling spike launcher, liquid cable,
  power pack and 1,664 credits. Also travels in a modified YT-2400 transport with two
  other apprentices (owned by the Jedi Academy but on permanent loan)