A native of Cerea, this young Cerean girl was a recluse during most of her childhood. Seeing nothing of lasting value in the outside world, she spent most of her time in her room on her computer. All of her friends were found in the HoloNet, and virtually all of her social skills were learned interacting with others there.

After completing her education, she took a job doing what she does best: working with computers. Her life on the outside appears very quiet and isolated, but what she does once she logs on is a different world.

Taking on the name of "Slipstream", she is one of the more popular slicers on Cerea. Known for being relentless in her pursuit of whatever she wants, "Slipstream" is considered one of the better slicers of the current time. In fact, her popularity has spread to some neighboring worlds and to other governments and organizations. She hires her skills out to Empire, the Rebellion or anyone else willing to pay her fees. They are, in her opinion, big groups with big guns and computer systems waiting to be sliced.

Name: "Slipstream"
Type: Cerean slicer
Quote: "Your system has been sliced. Have a nice day."

Blaster 3D+1, Pickpocket 4D+2

Languages 6D, Planetary Systems 8D, Value 7D

Repulsorlift Operation 4D+1

Bargain 3D+2, Con 5D, Forgery 7D, Hide 5D+1, Investigation 6D, Search 8D, Sneak 5D+1


Computer Programming/Repair 13D+1, Security 8D

Force Points: 2
Character Points: 2
Move: 10m
Equipment: BlasTech Stinger Hold-out Pistol, credit chip, modified datapad, tool kit