Lord Rend (formerly Jen-Mei Také)

After Touri Evenstar abandoned him on Nar Shadda, Jen-Mei Také managed to drag his weakened body to safety and eventually fled to a long abandoned Jedi temple on the remote planet of Gashar. There in the desert ruins, he discovered information on the ancient cult of the Sith. Deciphering these clues, he journeyed deeper in the darkest sectors of the galaxy.

Immersing himself in the study of the dark side, the embittered young Jedi covered his radiation burns in pitch black tattoos and replaced his damaged eyes with glowing red cybernetic implants. Donning the black robes of a Sith Lord and constructing a new red lightsaber for his weapon, he adopted a name which would soon become infamous throughout known space.

As the Jedi High Council contemplated a troubling new disturbance in the Force, Lord Rend secretly recruited allies to his cause, playing on the weaknesses of the greedy and disaffected, and taking the first steps toward a new galactic war.

Description: Height 1.8 m, Weight 81 kg, Hair: None, Eyes: Red

Name: Lord Rend (formerly Jen-Mei Také)
Type: Sith Warrior
Quote: "I will have my revenge!"

Blaster 3D+2, Lightsaber 5D+1, Melee Parry 4D+2

Intimidation 8D+2, Jedi Lore 6D, Languages 5D+2, Sith Lore 5D+1


Bargain 4D+2, Con 6D+2, Investigation 6D, Persuasion 6D

Climbing 4D+2, Jumping 4D+1

Computer Programming/Repair 5D+2, First Aid 6D+2, Lightsaber Repair 5D+2

Force Skills
Control: 8D+2
Sense: 7D+2
Alter: 7D+1

Force Points: 6; Dark Side Points: 9
Character Points: 4
Move: 10m
Equipment: Lightsaber (red blade), Sith robes