Darth Malice

Darth Malice was born into one of the clans of Force Witches on Dathomir. Like her fellow witches, she was adept in training and riding rancors. As her powers developed, she was exiled for practicing the arts of the dark side.

Malice survived in the wilderness for a while, until she came into contact with the Nightsisters. She advanced quickly in the Nightsisters. Malice had plans of conquest, intending on eventually leading the Nightsisters and eventually enslaving the other clans.

Her plans were changed one day, when an ancient ship crash landed on Dathomir. Malice investigated, sensing a dark power inside. She found a dark warrior in stasis.

She revived the warrior, a Sith Lord who had been in stasis for approximately 800 years. The Sith Lord, Darth TiíRan, could sense the potential within the Nightsister.

TiíRan and Malice have both escaped the world of Dathomir, taking over a New Republic scout ship and slaughtering the survey team aboard. Maliceís eyes are now open to the new possibilities the galaxy has to offer to satisfy her goals of conquest.

Malice has trained in the Sith arts under TiíRan. She combines the training she had as a Nightsister and also the Sith training to create deadly effects. The newly named Darth Malice serves TiíRan (for now), and has gained the nickname of the Sith Witch.

Appearance: Height - 1.68m, Weight - 54.9kg, Hair - None, Eyes - Dark Brown,
  Skin - White (with black tattoos), Picture Reference: Sith Witch by Jim Francis

Name: Darth Malice
Female Human Force Adept 5/Dark Force Witch* 4/Sith Acolyte* 2/Sith Lord* 2
Initiative: +2 (Dex)
Defense: 25 (+13 class, +2 Dex)
Speed: 10m
VP/WP: 127/14
Attack Bonuses: +11/+6 melee (1d3+2, punch) or +12/+7 melee (3d8+2, lightsaber),
  +11/+6 ranged
Special Qualities: Force weapon +1d8, inspire fear* -1, resource access, spider walk*
Saving Throws - Fort: +14 Ref: +11 Will: +15
Size: M
Force Points: 13; Dark Side Points: 15
Reputation: 10
Str: 14 Dex: 14 Con: 14 Int: 15 Wis: 15 Cha: 15

Equipment: Lightsaber#, alchemical apparatus*, Sith amulet*, Sith poison*, Sith

Skills: Bluff +3, Climb +3, Computer Use +3, Craft (lightsaber) +5, Diplomacy +3,
  Gather Information +3, Handle Animal +8, Hide +4, Intimidate +10, Jump +4,
  Knowledge (Nightsister culture) +4, Knowledge (Sith lore) +10, Listen +4, Move
  Silently +4, Profession (rancor trainer) +8, Read/Write Basic, Read/Write Sith,
  Ride +8, Sense Motive +4, Speak Basic, Speak Sith, Spot +4, Survival +4, Swim +4,
  Treat Injury +3

Force Skills: Affect Mind +6, Alchemy* +8, Battlemind +8, Drain Knowledge* +4,
  Empathy +4, Enhance Ability +4, Enhance Senses +4, Farseeing +3, Fear +6, Force
  Defense +4, Force Grip +7, Force Lightning +5, Force Stealth +4, Force Strike +3,
  Friendship +4, Heal Another +4, Illusion +11, Move Object +6, See Force +8,
  Telepathy +4

Feats: Exotic Weapon Proficiency (lightsaber), Force-Sensitive, Skill Emphasis (force
  lightning), Weapon Group Proficiencies (blaster pistols, primitive weapons, simple

Force Feats: Alter, Burst of Speed, Control, Drain Force*, Force Mastery, Force
  Whirlwind, Lightsaber Defense, Mind Trick, Prolong Force, Sense, Sith Sorcery*,
  Summon Storm*

* - denotes material found in the Dark Side Sourcebook
# - Darth Malice has constructed her own lightsaber

Revised: June 3, 2002.