Character Creation

Need help creating a character? We have tools and links that will help.

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Instant Character Creators

Dark Side Villains
courtesy of WotC
Jan Tolbara's
SWRPG d20 Character Spreadsheet
Original d20 or Revised d20
MS Excel 97 or higher required
Quick Character Converter
courtesy of WotC
WotC also has their
Conversion Guidelines online.
Thomas Kathmann's
d20 Character Generator

Tips and Tricks

by Owen K. C. Stephens, WotC

Build Better Technical Characters
Character Development
Masters of Melee
Blast Away!
The Skill's The Thing
Getting To Know the Rules
Do You Know Who I Am?
Stayin' Alive
The Big Switch
Letís Get Physical
Itís the Thoughts That Count
House Rules
Full Speed Ahead!
Save Yourselves!
Feats, Do Your Stuff
Fame and Followers
d20 Dipping
Ship Design
Rebellion Era Jedi
Dare To Be Different
Dead Eye For the Jedi
Rule Call
Hard-Wired Heroes
Game Prep
From Concept to Character