Character Quotes

Character's Quotes

Arsan Telk, Gungan Mercenary

"Mesa tinkn dis not gonna be good!"

Dak Gribson, Gambler

"Hyperdrive's out again? No problem! Anyone up for sabacc?"

Eriyani Rusta'al, Pilot and Smuggler

"If it's Imperial, shoot it!"

Jan Tolbara, Jedi Knight

"The only things that are free in life are life and the Force."

Kianna von der Thann, Old Republic Intelligence Agent

"That's not the way it was done in the Republic."

Kurrelgyrre, Wookiee Jedi apprentice

"Can a Wookiee be a Jedi?"

Qualtis Majint, Bounty Hunter

"No problem is too large that cannot be solved by the proper application of thermal detonators."

From the Campaign

Qualtis (smiling): Life is good. I have my thermal detonators again! Here's Bob, Anna-Marie, Jim, . . .

Kurrelgyrre (lowly growling to Jan in Shyriiwook): She names her thermal detonators?

Jan (nodding): Yes.

Jan: So, what have you been doing in Obi-Wan's old hut all these years?

Kurrelgyrre: Eating a lot of stew.

Kurrelgyrre: Growrorrhworr!

Qualtis: What did he say?

Jan: I'm not certain it can be translated, but I think it was about your mother.

Jan (using Affect Mind): You will surrender your thermal detonators to me.

Qualtis: No, I won't.


Jan: You WILL surrender the thermal detonators to me!

Qualtis: NO, I WON'T! What? Do you think you're a Jedi waving your hand like that? I'm a bounty hunter. Mind tricks don't work on me, ONLY MONEY!

Eriyani: Remember my motto? If it's Imperial, shoot it.

Dak (while getting out of his seat): Okay.

(Dak leaves the cockpit. A moment passes. Alarms sound as an explosion is heard from the back of the ship, and the ship drops out of hyperspace.)

Eriyani (yelling): What happened?!

Dak (from the back of the ship): You remember that hyperdrive motivator we got off that Imperial customs frigate a while back?

Kurrelgyrre: You want me to do WHAT!

Jan: Train Qualtis in the Force.

Kurrelgyrre: Are you mad? She's a bounty hunter! Plus she names her thermal detonators. I was NOT impressed with "Little Kurrelgyrre"!

Jan: She has reformed, and shows Force potential. She would be dangerous if untrained. Do you want another Sith Lord?

Kurrelgyrre (storming off): *CENSORED*

Qualtis (walking up to Jan): What's wrong with him?

Jan: He's preparing to teach you anger management.


Qualtis (coming out in white Jedi robes): Well guys, what do you think? I think the white shows my purity and innocence!

Kurrelgyrre (leaning over to Jan): Who does she think she's kidding?

Jan : Give her a break. Qualtis is trying to be virtuous.

Eriyani : Yeah, she has virtues. All the bad ones.

Qualtis (excited): Jan, I know how I want to design my lightsaber!

Jan : Okay, what is it.

Qualtis: I'll make the handle look like a thermal detonator! I can push one button to activate the blade. And when I'm done with it, I can throw it and use it like a thermal detonator!


Jan: No.

Qualtis: How about a blaster? It can shoot as well as be a lightsaber!

Jan: No!

Qualtis (whining): You're no fun anymore!

Arsan (excited): Mesa gotn their battle plans!

Jan: Well, what are they?

Arsan: De sheet my gotn was kinda confusin, wit itn wrote in two different languages. But, one wasn Basic, so my makin sense of it.

Eriyani: And, it says . . . ?

Arsan: Deir leader be comin round de mountain leadin big team of white horses, and theysa havin big, bombad party when shesa get dere.

Dak (mumbling): . . . team of white horses? (looking up) Let me see that sheet, Arsan.

(Dak takes the paper from Arsan and looks over it for a brief second.)

Dak: Arsan, this isn't a battle plan. It's a SONG SHEET! Look . . .

Dak (singing): She'll be comin' round the mountain when she comes . . .


(KG and Qualtis, pulling signs off of a tree back and forth, Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck style as Jan Tolbara looks on.)

Qualtis: Wookiee Season.

Kurrelgyrre: Bounty Hunter Season.

Qualtis: Wookiee Season!

Kurrelgyrre: Bounty Hunter Season!

(Qualtis pulls off final sign that reads Jan Tolbara Season. Jan smiles and runs.)

KG and Qualtis: Shh. Be vewy vewy quiet. We're hunting Jans. (Elmer Fudd laugh)

Kurrelgyrre (upon seeing Lowbacca): They cloned ME?

Kurrelgyrre vs. Lowbacca

Round 1: Lowie attacks, KG parries.

Round 2: KG takes a swig of alcohol, breathes across his flame-blade, causing a fireball to burn Lowie to a crisp.

Round 3: KG holds up a sign that reads, "Original Recipe vs. Extra Crispy".


Can a Wookiee be a Jedi?
Is Darth Vader wearing white?

Not only am I a customer for the Hair Club for Wookiees, I'm the president!

Old Jedi never die. They just fade away.