Chapter 6

A New Beginning

(16 years before Star Wars:  A New Hope)


While one might think that a quest such as my own knows no bounds, mine most certainly did.  Money was always one of them.


I worked the next year-and-a-half as a mechanic here and there just to get me by.  There was food on my plate and a roof over my head, but not much else.  I was running out of ideas on where to go next. 


The obvious answer was Coruscant.  However, it was the heart of what was becoming the Empire that we knew in the Rebellion.  I really can’t explain it, other than to say I had a gut feeling not to go there. 


The journal that Master Kimm had given me had many writings on the Jedi, and several illustrations.  Most of it was tales of the ancient Jedi.  It was more of a history than a training manual.  A lot of it was written in a language I couldn’t understand.  There was a star chart in there as well, but I could not identify where the chart fit on any galactic maps.


I soon came to work at Cade Frevlin’s Speeder Shop on Corellia.  Cade was a fine mechanic and had a knack for making a speeder run real smooth. 


Cade’s wife had died a couple of years back in a freak shuttle accident.  His daughter Cassie became his focus in life.  He now lived to provide for her.


Cassie was a very sweet and kind girl.  Certainly, a shining light in this galaxy filled with darkness.


I still remember the day I came to apply for the job of assistant mechanic.  I walked into the shop.  Cassie stood there, and I could hear Cade in the back room.


“Cassie, could you see who is at the door?” Cade said in response to the chime.


“Daddy, it’s a big teddy bear!”  Cassie ran up to me and gave me a big hug.


Cade came out from the back.  “A big WHAT?  What are you…ohmygosh!”


Cade looked on in horror as Cassie was hugging a wookiee.  I could tell that he knew a few stories about wookiees, and was in fear for his daughter’s life.


I merely hugged the girl back, and stepped back, trying not to threaten her.


“Are you all right?” Cade asked his daughter.


“Did you see the big teddy bear, daddy?  Did you?”  Cassie was jumping up and down with glee.  I stood there with an indignant look on my face.  I was NOT a teddy bear.


“Cassie, that’s not a teddy bear.  That’s a wookiee!”  Cade came over to me.  “Can I help you?”


“I’m here for the job,” I said, pointing to the sign on the door.


“What qualifications do you have?  And, can I trust you not to hurt my daughter?” 


This was a bold question to ask a wookiee, but I could tell that he loved his daughter so much that he would do anything to protect her.


“You have my word of honor,” I said, bowing in respect.  Of course, I hit my head on a pipe.


Cassie giggled, and said, “Furry guy is funny.  What’s your name, Mr. Wookiee?”


“Kurrelgyrre,” I said.


“Growl…what?” she said.


“Ha ha.  Cassie, he speaks a language called Shyriiwook.  It’s hard to understand.  I only know it from some trading I’ve done.  He says his name is Kurrelgyrre,” Cade said.


“That’s harder still to say!  Can I call you KG?”  Cassie giggled some more, skipping around me.  I was at a loss for words.


“Well, only if it is okay with Mr. Kurrelgyrre here.”


I howled my ascension, and began to tell Cade my qualifications.  He looked me over, thought about it for a bit, and finally said, “You’re hired.  You can start tomorrow, if that is okay.”


I smiled with a toothy grin, and shook his hand.  He held on to his hand afterwards and said, “Nice grip.”