Chapter 5

I awoke in an infirmary.  The lights were blurry, and my head felt like it had been slammed against duracreet.  I looked around trying to get my bearings.

I tried to sit up, but found it difficult.  Not only was my head throbbing, but I noticed that my arms were attached to the bed by binders.

This did not look good.

A nurse walked by and I started to ask her why I was in binders.  She was fairly young, and I think a little startled by the sound of my voice.  Maybe that’s why she ran away.

A few minutes later, a doctor walked up to my bed with two security guards behind.  The doctor came up to me very cautiously.  The security guards had their blasters aimed right at me.

“How are we feeling today?”  The doctor asked.

I grunted an “okay”, and I think he got the drift.

“That was a nasty crash landing you had.  You’re lucky to be alive.  Some of your fur was singed, and you have plenty of bruises, but otherwise you are fine.  I am told that Minister of State Transky wishes to speak to you about the incident.”

I rolled my eyes a bit, but nodded an affirmative.  I went back to sleep for a couple of hours.

“Wake up, wookiee!”

The loud voice startled me awake.  I tried to lurch up, but was held back by the binders on the bed.

“Just as I thought.  Best that you get oriented quick, for our discussion will be short.”

My vision began to clear, and I saw the man speaking to me.  He was a black man in a white suit that marked him as an official of some sort.  His bald head reflected the light from above.

Transky was accompanied by a protocol droid with a metallic blue shell.  “Greetings, master wookiee.  I am EC-23.  May I ask your designation?”

“Kurrelgyrre,” I mumbled.  I always hated protocol droids.  They were always a little too prissy for me.

“He says his name is Kurrelgyrre, Master Transky,” the droid said.

“Ask him why he was flying Master Kimm ‘s ship,” Transky commanded.

“Ask me yourself, nobleman.”  I stressed the last word, as it was obvious what sort of person I was dealing with.  Politicians always left a sour taste in my mouth.

“I believe Master Kurrelgyrre understands Basic, Minister.”  Translator droids always had a way to paraphrase their translations.  It’s probably a good thing, otherwise I would have been in much deeper trouble.

“Still, he has not answered my question,” Transky said.  Obviously I had done something to offend him, and all I remember doing is crashing someone else ‘s ship in a lake.

I told my story, while EC-23 translated.  Transky seemed to be sitting still, absorbing every ounce of information.

I didn ‘t know what to expect.  I thought that I might be imprisoned, or worse, for my actions.

“And you expect me to believe this drivel?  The only part I believe is that Master Kimm is dead.  There will be a full investigation, of course.”

I bellowed out a response in some of my harshest Shyriiwook.  How DARE he think that I murdered the greatest man that I had known? 

“Oh my!  I don ‘t believe that is wholly translatable!” the droid said.  Transky walked off with the droid following.  I had come so far.  I would not be stopped by a politician.

A week later, Transky returned.

“From what I can tell, your story checks out.  I don ‘t have enough evidence to hold you.  I conferred with King Organa, and he has ordered you off the planet.  It seems that Organa was a close friend of Master Kimm ‘s.  You are to never return.”

Indeed, he was correct.  I never did return.  Although my experience there was not pleasant, I was saddened that I never made it back.  Alderaan was a beautiful planet.

It took me nearly 30 years before I figured out King Organa’s decision.  He had just adopted a daughter, whose real father was Darth Vader.